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10 Tips To Create Reels To Stand Out On Instagram

Create Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms for sharing videos and photos across the world. With over 1 million active users on Instagram, brands are trying to create fire content to engage with their audience. Instagram reels are one of the video creation formats on Instagram. According to research, reels produce a higher engagement rate than other Instagram video content. Reels help users to create short-form videos with fun, engaging, entertaining, and innovative content. Users can make engaging content with the help of in-built editing tools like audio or music, voiceovers, stickers, filters and other visual effects. So reels are suitable for your business marketing strategy. Keep reading this article to learn about creating reels that stand out on Instagram.

Instagram Reels Dos And Don’ts

Creating reels is an easy process but making a good one that goes viral is a slightly tricky process. So you need to know the dos and don’ts of reels to create perfect that go viral. 

Here are some dos and don’ts of reels to go you in the right direction:


  • The first important thing when creating reels is the format; always use vertical video.
  • Make content innovative to watch users from start to end of the video.
  • Use creative tools such as filters, effects, music and text.
  • Add closed captions in your reels because most users watch videos without sound.
  • Always be original, discover some ideas from others’ content but create unique reels.


  •  Uploading reels with watermarks from other social channels like TikTok
  •  Posting low-resolution or blurry videos
  • Your videos with too much text
  • Repeat the same thing every time. Reels are always fun, creative, unique and new content.

10 Tips To Create Reels That Stand Out On Instagram

The reel format attracts most users and makes them stay on Instagram for a longer time. So brands are great to use and provide their audience with what they are most interested in. In other words, create reel content that attracts more audience attention. Here are the best tips to create Instagram reels to make the audience stop scrolling on the following video and pay attention to your content.

Tell Story

Telling a story to your audience is one of the main factors to success in any social media marketing. This is true in reels. Your reel video can be in the form of telling an entire story from start to end. Your content may be educational videos, funny viral trends, quick product demos, behind-the-scenes videos or anything. Take the opportunity to tell a story about your brand using reels.

Always Be Original And Creative

To keep your audience engaged with your content, you have to create original and creative reels. If you create similar content as your competitors are making on Instagram. Your target audience might think your content is boring and stop watching your video at any time. Moreover, don’t use the same content you upload on your Instagram feeds or stories. Think about the new topics relevant to your business and niche.

Provide Brand Value

You have noticed that Instagram reels are famous for making short-form videos like dance videos. So most users know this tactic to get famous on Instagram. Now, the trends are changing because many brands are making reels to educate their audience and give information to the people. Using Instagram reels to provide brand value to your audience. Here value does not only mean offering your products to your customers. And also educate them with the help of your reel content. Produce information to the audience that they can’t discover anywhere else.

Use Popular Trends

Trends come and go quickly on any social media platform. If you don’t have any ideas about what to create on the next reel, then analyze what is trending on Instagram. You can easily find trends on Instagram by spending some time. Trending one will be fun, and the audience likes viewing and interacting with that content. Brands are easily suited with trends to keep their audience and engage them with your content. Try to create reels with popular trends for your brand. Because the explore page always shows the content at the top with trends.

Add Transitions In Your Reel

Instagram users like to watch reels with fun transitions. Brands creating videos for a while are familiar with transitions. You can create reel videos with the use of them. Transitions provide the flow and magical thing between two clips. This helps avoid awkward shakes and jumps from moving one clip to another. It makes them curious about what will happen next. Transition effects are specifically epidemic in fashion brands on Instagram. You can find which transitions are trending on Instagram by watching popular reels.

Add Stickers, Text, Effects And Music

The reel has in-built editing tools such as stickers, text, visual effects, filters and music. You can use these creative tools in your reels to create innovative, entertaining and engaging content for your potential audience. Instagram recommends creators use these editing tools to make higher audience engagement. So adding stickers, effects in your video can grab massive likes for your Instagram reels. Music tools play a vital role when thinking of success on Instagram reels. Instagram motivates you to take audio from the music library. Otherwise, you can use your custom audio to make trends on Instagram.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

User-generated content plays a huge part when expanding your brand reach. A customer testimonial is social proof for people and builds trust in your brand. If you don’t have any resources to create reels, feature your customers. This can provide a new way of creating reel content. Also, you can humanize your brand by showing who is using your product. Audiences can like to view customer testimonials because they also make try to use your product. User-generated content may include reviews, feedback, photos, testimonials, and unboxing videos of your product.

Add Captions

Including captions for your reels is one of the best formats; users can quickly know what content is relevant to your reel video. Adding captions in your reels can help to know potential audiences for your brand. Make your reel captions short and to the point. Users might click the “See More” option to view the full caption when you use the caption too long. Then the audience might think it takes more time than watching the video. Sometimes, it is tough to read when a video is playing in the background. Instagram offers an auto-captions feature for reel users, and this features automatically convert audio to text(caption).

Shoppable Tags In Your Reel

According to Instagram, 70% of the users are addicted to discovering the product for shopping. Do you know Instagram offers you to tag products in reels? Yes, it’s true you can add shoppable tags in your reel video. To do this, you first set up the Instagram shopping feature. Instagram reels are a great way to enlarge your brand awareness and engage with your potential audience, increasing your product sales. Adding a shoppable tag in your reel can help the audience quickly find the product they are searching for and make shopping easy. It’s like a win-win situation for your audience and brand.

Post Consistently To See Better Results

You can’t get a better result when you post one reel on Instagram. Try to post consistently to get the best result for your Instagram profile. By posting reels consistently on Instagram, the algorithm will automatically prioritize your content, which takes the video to the explore page. This activity will increase your profile visibility and lead to more audience engagement. Post consistently does not mean you will have to post hundreds of posts per week. Consistency means that you can post reels daily; if you upload reels each day, then your followers expect content from you regularly. Which could also help to drive more followers to your profile.


Creating Instagram reels for your brand will be a powerful marketing tactic. That can help expand your followers, raise brand awareness, get more audience engagement, generate business leads and even help sell your products. This article will give you the essential tips for creating Instagram reels that stand out on Instagram. Moreover, you can keep the above tips in your mind and consider experimenting with reel use of these tips. Remember to use editing tools like stickers, filters, text, music and visual effects. Make use of customer testimonials from all other social media channels.

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