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Seven Ways To Use Instagram Reels To Get More Business Leads

Use Instagram Reels To drive more leads

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels across the globe. It is the best marketing strategy for many brands. This platform has enormous features for building successful business campaigns. With the help of Instagram features, you can do many things, like build a loyal audience for your business, drive traffic to your website and generate leads. If you are running an eCommerce store for your business, creating Instagram reels is part of your marketing strategy. Not only do reels entertain the users, but it also helps to expand your brand reach, educate your target audience and turn your followers into business leads. This article will show you how to use Instagram reels to generate leads for your business.

Why Should Generate Leads On Instagram

The primary reason why Instagram is so famous for generating leads is that it has many audiences on this platform. There is no compulsion for Instagram users to interact with businesses. Fortunately, over 80% of the users follow at least one business account on this platform. Whether you are operating a small or large international business, you can use Instagram to generate leads for your brand. You can do so many activities on this platform, and Instagram has many features that you can use to create a strong community for your business.

The Benefit of having a business account on Instagram is that you can access many features on this platform. Using these features, you can quickly gain more followers for your profile and attract customers for your business.

Benefits of a business account on Instagram:

  • Instagram allows you to access analytics and insights.
  • You can add links to your Instagram stories.
  • Use Instagram shopping and tag your products on posts.
  • You can preplan your reel post
  • Include your contact details in your profile

Seven Ways To Use Instagram Reels To Drive Leads For Your Business

Now that you know why Instagram is essential to generate business leads. Here are the content ideas for Instagram reels to drive leads for your business:

Educational Videos

The most important marketing strategy for many brands is that when users see your post on Instagram for the first time, your video must attract them to turn into your business leads. Your reel video needs to make relationships with your followers and build their trust. Moreover, when they think of purchasing something online, your brand will come to their mind. You can do this by creating reels with educational Content. Discuss the topics about what your audience is most interested in, your products or services and showcase your expertise in your reel video—for instance, Online business trainers who use Instagram reels to educate their audience. To generate leads, they finally end up with a call to action (CTA) in reels.

Create a Teaser Video Of Your New Launch

A teaser video is one of the great chances for your brand to engage with your potential audience by launching new products or services.

Are you introducing new products or services to the market? Instagram reels are a great marketing strategy to expand your product reach and get on to the people. Specifically, you can create teaser videos of your new arrival in countdown reels like days or weeks to launch the product.

Tag Products On Instagram Reels

Instagram is good for doing so many things. If you have less than 10,000 followers on your profile, you can generate business leads by giving your website link in your bio. But Instagram allows you to add one link in your bio; you can either link the homepage or product landing page. You can use the Instagram shopping feature to tag your products on reels. This feature allows brands to sell products without leaving the Instagram app. The Instagram reel is the best way to add product shoppable tags and drive new followers for your profile. Suppose you are creating tutorial videos to showcase products and tag the products items. This can help customers click on tags and learn more about your product.

Host Give away

Instagram giveaway is a practical idea to generate leads for your business. To get an entry pass for the contest, Instagram users should follow the rules and regulations given by the giveaway promoter. In the giveaway rules, you can insist users tag friends in the comments sections, which will help increase audience engagement. You can give prizes for the contest, like your brand products or services, gift vouchers or other prizes like favorite beauty products or supplements. You will also ask your audience to navigate away from Instagram and go to your website to enter a contest. This way can drive traffic for both your Instagram profile and your website. Also, generate new leads for your business when running an Instagram giveaway or contest.

Ask For Content Ideas From Your Potential Customers

Take content ideas from your potential customers and ask them if they have any questions about your brand products, customer services, and sales. Create reels to cover your customer’s questions. This is one of the best ideas for lead generation because you build trust with your customers. You can quickly respond to your customers’ questions using reels without manually sending direct messages. This can also be helpful to your sales and customer support team because they don’t need to answer repetitive queries from your leads. This situation sounds like a win-win situation for your brand and customers.

Repurpose Old Content

You can’t always discover which type of Content performs well on Instagram. 

Take a look at your old Content uploaded on your Instagram profile, like IGTV videos, feed posts or stories. If you find any content with a higher engagement rate, then take that video to repurpose it into a reel. The more reels likes you receive has the potential to increase popularity within a short time and drive traffic to your profile. Repurposing old Content is a great marketing strategy for a brand. You can even take top-performing Content on Instagram and repurpose it as reels, including your brand information. This can lead to higher engagement for your reel video.

Collaborate With Influencers To Create Reels

Influencer marketing is one of the effective strategies for your business to generate leads. If you collaborate with influencers, you don’t need to create reel videos yourself. Influencers can make reels to drive leads for your business. You have two benefits when you partner with influencers on Instagram. First, you don’t need to spend time making reels. Secondly, influencers have vast followers on their accounts. Influencer followers might convert as your business leads. Instagram has plenty of influencers, and choose the right influencers relevant to your niche. Once you find the perfect influencers for your business, ask them if they are willing to work with a sponsored reel. 

Tips To Boost Engagement And Generate Leads

Now that you know how to use Instagram reels to generate leads for your business. Here are the tips to boost engagement.

Concentrate On Your Bio

Most Instagram users will come over to your profile when you upload an exciting post in your feed. What they see on your account in the first few seconds of arrival will determine whether they start following you or not. That means you must make a good impression when they come across your profile. To do this, you must concentrate on your bio and optimize it on your profile. So create your bio short, easily tell the point and give a hint about your brand info.

Post Consistently

Remember that you don’t need to post hundreds of reels daily for your followers. At the same time, you want your followers to get your uploads immediately. Sometimes if you don’t upload Content continuously for three days, your followers might forget about your account. It is best to post a couple of reels daily, which should be one of the tricks for your profile growth. To get the best result, upload reels at the same time each day so your followers might expect your Content regularly. The best time to post reels is when your followers are most active on Instagram

Take Advantage OF Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the best keys to generating more leads for your business and also help to raise your followers. It is a suitable format for behind-the-scenes story videos, show your team members, teasing new products, etc. Over 400 million Instagrammers access stories regularly, so it is best to attract huge audiences. If you have 10k followers in your profile, you will be able to access the Swipe Up features; you can add a link in your story so your audience can visit the webpage through swiping up. Moreover, you can save your best stories as highlights in your profile to avoid disappearing after 24 hours. Your highlighted stories will be visible to your profile visitors.

Engaging With Your Audience

The best idea is to drive leads on Instagram by engaging with your audience. Instagram is a visual social platform, so you have to connect, respond and engage with your audience to gain profile growth. So it is good to interact with your followers through posts.

You can engage with your audience in many ways:

  • Promptly respond to audience comments
  • Replay as Direct Messages
  • Include engaging captions and questions in your post
  • Go live stream and ask Questions
  • Ask your customers to tag friends
  • Provide informational videos


Instagram reels are one of the powerful features to gain audience engagement, and it helps to generate leads for your brand. Create reels with 15-90 second videos to show how customers use your products, answer users’ FAQs, and repurpose popular Content to gain new followers. So increasing your leads using Instagram reels can be helpful for your business; go on to the next level. However, it takes time to get the best results on your profile. But once you reach your goal and drive leads for your business.

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