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11 Ways To Build Engagement With Instagram Reels

Build Engagement With Instagram Reels

Instagram continuously launches new features and updates; reels are one of the features to create short-form videos that can last up to 90 seconds. It has become a favorite social channel for users and creators. Creating reels for your brand is a great strategy to make your Instagram profile engaging with your target audiences. According to research, 85% of users watch videos rather than images. So knowing Instagram video marketing is essential to build a strong presence on this platform. Instagram reels are the perfect feature to share entertainment videos and behind-the-scenes about you and your brand and showcase your products. Do you know how to build more engagement on your Instagram reels? This article will show you to build audience engagement in reels.

11 Ways To Build Instagram Engagement With Your Reels

Engagement rate means getting more views, likes, shares and comments for your reels post. Specifically, if you get comments for your post, then it means that users are interested in your content. It frames reliability and trust in your brand among huge audiences.

Use Built-In Tools To Create Reels

Reels has built-in editing tools to add music, filters, and visual effects that can help you make your videos with a unique look. Instagram recommends you use those reel features. Once Instagram releases a new feature on this platform, it wants users to use it. If you use that feature often, the Instagram algorithm automatically takes you to the top of the ranking. However, to enhance your brand exposure among people, try to film, edit, and add visual effects to your reels within the Instagram app.

Pull the Audience To View Your Reels

The most important tactic for any video content is to grab the audience’s attention within a few seconds of the video begin. Your video must be innovative and entertaining; it pulls users to watch it entirely. You might add flashing text or stickers on top of the video. Make creative videos to catch viewers’ attention and stop scrolling them to the next one.

Active On New Trends

Instagram reels constantly grow; creators must use this feature to keep popular trends. Whether using AR effect or sharing your latest product arrivals using reels because it can be helpful to share information with your target audience. Take popular trending reels and use remix features to connect with popular videos on this platform, and this will give credit to the original creator. The most important thing about reels is to encourage brands to create content with fun. You can participate in the latest trends that your target audience participates in. 

Otherwise, make reels with unique ideas because that may take off and become a trend. Before going with unique ideas, consider two things: what is your audience like about your brand? What will you share to strengthen your Instagram profile? Remember these things in your mind. This will definitely resonate in your audience engagement. In some cases, if your idea doesn’t perform well, don’t lose your confidence and keep creating new ideas.

Add Closed Captions

Most users on Instagram watch videos without sound. You are adding closed captions in your videos to fulfill the audience experience. Instagram offers a new feature to add automatic captions for your video. You can use this feature to transcribe from the audio to the words on the screen. These captions can also be helpful for those who have hearing-aid problems, and some people are not comfortable with sound-on situations. This way can make your content more findable and accessible to the audience.

Take Content From Other Platforms

Content creators believe that Instagram reels are launched to contest TikTok videos. Hence, if you are operating both, you are advised to use content across platforms. While you download or save your content from TikTok, your video must appear with a TikTok watermark. If you wish to upload the same content on Instagram, removing the watermark before posting as reels is good. You can use video editing apps to remove TikTok watermarks.

Diversely, you can re-record the same content to upload on Instagram reels.

Share Reels In Your Feed

Unlike stories, reels permanently stay in your Instagram profile, but stories are available for 24 hours from the posting time. Although it has an eternal nature, it is always good to share the latest reels in your story. This can help your viewers to stay up-to-date about your content. Make sure you are constantly developing your engagement rate. Share reels in your feed can help your target audience know about your present activities.

Use Famous Music

Like TikTok, Reels offers you to add audio to your content. To add music for your video, use the Instagram Audiotrack library or take sound in your phone gallery. Otherwise, you can save sound from other users’ videos and use it on your reels. Using trending music in your video can make more audience engagement. Once the audience sees trending audio or sound, they eagerly watch the same sound video repeatedly. This will make you create trending things to get higher engagement.

Use captions

Before uploading your reel video on Instagram, you recommend adding a small caption for your video. This caption is crucial because it can help hit your content towards your target audience. Add relevant hashtags in your videos relative to your niche; when users search for those keywords or hashtags, your videos will appear. This way can help to get more views for your reel video. Hashtags are a great format because users can easily find their interests with the help of it. 

Post Regularly

When compared to other video formats, reels are very easy to create. So utilize this feature’s potential to grow your brand. Instagram experts can suggest creators post 4-7 reels every week. While coming to regular posting, you can spend less time publishing your reels on Instagram. Moreover, you can use a content calendar to schedule all your reel videos. This calendar will be helpful for creators to make more reels for their Instagram profile growth. Once you upload many videos on Instagram, reels are a great way to share your future projects with your potential audience. 

Create Reels With Various Duration

You can create reel videos anywhere, starting from 15-90 seconds in length. This can help influencers to make a variety of content, like interacting with their followers or creating daily vlogs. Try to observe the engagement rate for both short-and long-form videos, and see what will work best with your target audience. Instagram reels highlight the priority and benefits of video content on social media. This feature is the most crucial option on this platform; influencers and creators can use Instagram reels to grab new opportunities and audience attention for their work.

Add Q&As Format In Your Reels

One of the great ways to keep the target audience knowing more about your brand is by using a questions answer format. Add Call-To-Action in any reels to people who leave you a question in the comments section. Ask the audience to drop ideas; this way, you can give endless content creation ideas. Take a question from any one of those comments and create your following reels with the use of it. This strategy will make users come back to your reels to view them while you are answering their questions. If you answer more questions, then you will get more questions. This will make interaction with your audience.


Reels are one of the great features to gain more engagement rate than other old features on Instagram. This latest feature can enhance profile reach and exposure among a vast audience than other content types on Instagram. Create reels to improve your social media presence and grab audience attention. The great thing about reels is that you can easily create, and it doesn’t take too much time. Now you know how to make higher engagement with your reel video. Hope, this article will guide you to boost engagement in your Instagram reels.

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