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10 Tips To Create Reels To Stand Out On Instagram

Create Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms for sharing videos and photos across the world. With over 1 million active users on Instagram, brands are trying to create fire content to engage with their audience. Instagram reels are one of the video creation formats on Instagram. According to research, reels produce a higher engagement rate than other Instagram video content. Reels help users to create short-form videos with fun, engaging, entertaining, and innovative content. Users can make engaging content with the help of in-built editing tools like audio or music, voiceovers, stickers, filters and other visual effects. So reels are suitable for your business marketing strategy. Keep reading this article to learn about creating reels that stand out on Instagram.

Instagram Reels Dos And Don’ts

Creating reels is an easy process but making a good one that goes viral is a slightly tricky process. So you need to know the dos and don’ts of reels to create perfect that go viral. 

Here are some dos and don’ts of reels to go you in the right direction:


  • The first important thing when creating reels is the format; always use vertical video.
  • Make content innovative to watch users from start to end of the video.
  • Use creative tools such as filters, effects, music and text.
  • Add closed captions in your reels because most users watch videos without sound.
  • Always be original, discover some ideas from others’ content but create unique reels.


  •  Uploading reels with watermarks from other social channels like TikTok
  •  Posting low-resolution or blurry videos
  • Your videos with too much text
  • Repeat the same thing every time. Reels are always fun, creative, unique and new content.

10 Tips To Create Reels That Stand Out On Instagram

The reel format attracts most users and makes them stay on Instagram for a longer time. So brands are great to use and provide their audience with what they are most interested in. In other words, create reel content that attracts more audience attention. Here are the best tips to create Instagram reels to make the audience stop scrolling on the following video and pay attention to your content.

Tell Story

Telling a story to your audience is one of the main factors to success in any social media marketing. This is true in reels. Your reel video can be in the form of telling an entire story from start to end. Your content may be educational videos, funny viral trends, quick product demos, behind-the-scenes videos or anything. Take the opportunity to tell a story about your brand using reels.

Always Be Original And Creative

To keep your audience engaged with your content, you have to create original and creative reels. If you create similar content as your competitors are making on Instagram. Your target audience might think your content is boring and stop watching your video at any time. Moreover, don’t use the same content you upload on your Instagram feeds or stories. Think about the new topics relevant to your business and niche.

Provide Brand Value

You have noticed that Instagram reels are famous for making short-form videos like dance videos. So most users know this tactic to get famous on Instagram. Now, the trends are changing because many brands are making reels to educate their audience and give information to the people. Using Instagram reels to provide brand value to your audience. Here value does not only mean offering your products to your customers. And also educate them with the help of your reel content. Produce information to the audience that they can’t discover anywhere else.

Use Popular Trends

Trends come and go quickly on any social media platform. If you don’t have any ideas about what to create on the next reel, then analyze what is trending on Instagram. You can easily find trends on Instagram by spending some time. Trending one will be fun, and the audience likes viewing and interacting with that content. Brands are easily suited with trends to keep their audience and engage them with your content. Try to create reels with popular trends for your brand. Because the explore page always shows the content at the top with trends.

Add Transitions In Your Reel

Instagram users like to watch reels with fun transitions. Brands creating videos for a while are familiar with transitions. You can create reel videos with the use of them. Transitions provide the flow and magical thing between two clips. This helps avoid awkward shakes and jumps from moving one clip to another. It makes them curious about what will happen next. Transition effects are specifically epidemic in fashion brands on Instagram. You can find which transitions are trending on Instagram by watching popular reels.

Add Stickers, Text, Effects And Music

The reel has in-built editing tools such as stickers, text, visual effects, filters and music. You can use these creative tools in your reels to create innovative, entertaining and engaging content for your potential audience. Instagram recommends creators use these editing tools to make higher audience engagement. So adding stickers, effects in your video can grab massive likes for your Instagram reels. Music tools play a vital role when thinking of success on Instagram reels. Instagram motivates you to take audio from the music library. Otherwise, you can use your custom audio to make trends on Instagram.

Leverage Customer Testimonials

User-generated content plays a huge part when expanding your brand reach. A customer testimonial is social proof for people and builds trust in your brand. If you don’t have any resources to create reels, feature your customers. This can provide a new way of creating reel content. Also, you can humanize your brand by showing who is using your product. Audiences can like to view customer testimonials because they also make try to use your product. User-generated content may include reviews, feedback, photos, testimonials, and unboxing videos of your product.

Add Captions

Including captions for your reels is one of the best formats; users can quickly know what content is relevant to your reel video. Adding captions in your reels can help to know potential audiences for your brand. Make your reel captions short and to the point. Users might click the “See More” option to view the full caption when you use the caption too long. Then the audience might think it takes more time than watching the video. Sometimes, it is tough to read when a video is playing in the background. Instagram offers an auto-captions feature for reel users, and this features automatically convert audio to text(caption).

Shoppable Tags In Your Reel

According to Instagram, 70% of the users are addicted to discovering the product for shopping. Do you know Instagram offers you to tag products in reels? Yes, it’s true you can add shoppable tags in your reel video. To do this, you first set up the Instagram shopping feature. Instagram reels are a great way to enlarge your brand awareness and engage with your potential audience, increasing your product sales. Adding a shoppable tag in your reel can help the audience quickly find the product they are searching for and make shopping easy. It’s like a win-win situation for your audience and brand.

Post Consistently To See Better Results

You can’t get a better result when you post one reel on Instagram. Try to post consistently to get the best result for your Instagram profile. By posting reels consistently on Instagram, the algorithm will automatically prioritize your content, which takes the video to the explore page. This activity will increase your profile visibility and lead to more audience engagement. Post consistently does not mean you will have to post hundreds of posts per week. Consistency means that you can post reels daily; if you upload reels each day, then your followers expect content from you regularly. Which could also help to drive more followers to your profile.


Creating Instagram reels for your brand will be a powerful marketing tactic. That can help expand your followers, raise brand awareness, get more audience engagement, generate business leads and even help sell your products. This article will give you the essential tips for creating Instagram reels that stand out on Instagram. Moreover, you can keep the above tips in your mind and consider experimenting with reel use of these tips. Remember to use editing tools like stickers, filters, text, music and visual effects. Make use of customer testimonials from all other social media channels.

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Seven Ways To Use Instagram Reels To Get More Business Leads

Use Instagram Reels To drive more leads

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels across the globe. It is the best marketing strategy for many brands. This platform has enormous features for building successful business campaigns. With the help of Instagram features, you can do many things, like build a loyal audience for your business, drive traffic to your website and generate leads. If you are running an eCommerce store for your business, creating Instagram reels is part of your marketing strategy. Not only do reels entertain the users, but it also helps to expand your brand reach, educate your target audience and turn your followers into business leads. This article will show you how to use Instagram reels to generate leads for your business.

Why Should Generate Leads On Instagram

The primary reason why Instagram is so famous for generating leads is that it has many audiences on this platform. There is no compulsion for Instagram users to interact with businesses. Fortunately, over 80% of the users follow at least one business account on this platform. Whether you are operating a small or large international business, you can use Instagram to generate leads for your brand. You can do so many activities on this platform, and Instagram has many features that you can use to create a strong community for your business.

The Benefit of having a business account on Instagram is that you can access many features on this platform. Using these features, you can quickly gain more followers for your profile and attract customers for your business.

Benefits of a business account on Instagram:

  • Instagram allows you to access analytics and insights.
  • You can add links to your Instagram stories.
  • Use Instagram shopping and tag your products on posts.
  • You can preplan your reel post
  • Include your contact details in your profile

Seven Ways To Use Instagram Reels To Drive Leads For Your Business

Now that you know why Instagram is essential to generate business leads. Here are the content ideas for Instagram reels to drive leads for your business:

Educational Videos

The most important marketing strategy for many brands is that when users see your post on Instagram for the first time, your video must attract them to turn into your business leads. Your reel video needs to make relationships with your followers and build their trust. Moreover, when they think of purchasing something online, your brand will come to their mind. You can do this by creating reels with educational Content. Discuss the topics about what your audience is most interested in, your products or services and showcase your expertise in your reel video—for instance, Online business trainers who use Instagram reels to educate their audience. To generate leads, they finally end up with a call to action (CTA) in reels.

Create a Teaser Video Of Your New Launch

A teaser video is one of the great chances for your brand to engage with your potential audience by launching new products or services.

Are you introducing new products or services to the market? Instagram reels are a great marketing strategy to expand your product reach and get on to the people. Specifically, you can create teaser videos of your new arrival in countdown reels like days or weeks to launch the product.

Tag Products On Instagram Reels

Instagram is good for doing so many things. If you have less than 10,000 followers on your profile, you can generate business leads by giving your website link in your bio. But Instagram allows you to add one link in your bio; you can either link the homepage or product landing page. You can use the Instagram shopping feature to tag your products on reels. This feature allows brands to sell products without leaving the Instagram app. The Instagram reel is the best way to add product shoppable tags and drive new followers for your profile. Suppose you are creating tutorial videos to showcase products and tag the products items. This can help customers click on tags and learn more about your product.

Host Give away

Instagram giveaway is a practical idea to generate leads for your business. To get an entry pass for the contest, Instagram users should follow the rules and regulations given by the giveaway promoter. In the giveaway rules, you can insist users tag friends in the comments sections, which will help increase audience engagement. You can give prizes for the contest, like your brand products or services, gift vouchers or other prizes like favorite beauty products or supplements. You will also ask your audience to navigate away from Instagram and go to your website to enter a contest. This way can drive traffic for both your Instagram profile and your website. Also, generate new leads for your business when running an Instagram giveaway or contest.

Ask For Content Ideas From Your Potential Customers

Take content ideas from your potential customers and ask them if they have any questions about your brand products, customer services, and sales. Create reels to cover your customer’s questions. This is one of the best ideas for lead generation because you build trust with your customers. You can quickly respond to your customers’ questions using reels without manually sending direct messages. This can also be helpful to your sales and customer support team because they don’t need to answer repetitive queries from your leads. This situation sounds like a win-win situation for your brand and customers.

Repurpose Old Content

You can’t always discover which type of Content performs well on Instagram. 

Take a look at your old Content uploaded on your Instagram profile, like IGTV videos, feed posts or stories. If you find any content with a higher engagement rate, then take that video to repurpose it into a reel. The more reels likes you receive has the potential to increase popularity within a short time and drive traffic to your profile. Repurposing old Content is a great marketing strategy for a brand. You can even take top-performing Content on Instagram and repurpose it as reels, including your brand information. This can lead to higher engagement for your reel video.

Collaborate With Influencers To Create Reels

Influencer marketing is one of the effective strategies for your business to generate leads. If you collaborate with influencers, you don’t need to create reel videos yourself. Influencers can make reels to drive leads for your business. You have two benefits when you partner with influencers on Instagram. First, you don’t need to spend time making reels. Secondly, influencers have vast followers on their accounts. Influencer followers might convert as your business leads. Instagram has plenty of influencers, and choose the right influencers relevant to your niche. Once you find the perfect influencers for your business, ask them if they are willing to work with a sponsored reel. 

Tips To Boost Engagement And Generate Leads

Now that you know how to use Instagram reels to generate leads for your business. Here are the tips to boost engagement.

Concentrate On Your Bio

Most Instagram users will come over to your profile when you upload an exciting post in your feed. What they see on your account in the first few seconds of arrival will determine whether they start following you or not. That means you must make a good impression when they come across your profile. To do this, you must concentrate on your bio and optimize it on your profile. So create your bio short, easily tell the point and give a hint about your brand info.

Post Consistently

Remember that you don’t need to post hundreds of reels daily for your followers. At the same time, you want your followers to get your uploads immediately. Sometimes if you don’t upload Content continuously for three days, your followers might forget about your account. It is best to post a couple of reels daily, which should be one of the tricks for your profile growth. To get the best result, upload reels at the same time each day so your followers might expect your Content regularly. The best time to post reels is when your followers are most active on Instagram. 

Take Advantage OF Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the best keys to generating more leads for your business and also help to raise your followers. It is a suitable format for behind-the-scenes story videos, show your team members, teasing new products, etc. Over 400 million Instagrammers access stories regularly, so it is best to attract huge audiences. If you have 10k followers in your profile, you will be able to access the Swipe Up features; you can add a link in your story so your audience can visit the webpage through swiping up. Moreover, you can save your best stories as highlights in your profile to avoid disappearing after 24 hours. Your highlighted stories will be visible to your profile visitors.

Engaging With Your Audience

The best idea is to drive leads on Instagram by engaging with your audience. Instagram is a visual social platform, so you have to connect, respond and engage with your audience to gain profile growth. So it is good to interact with your followers through posts.

You can engage with your audience in many ways:

  • Promptly respond to audience comments
  • Replay as Direct Messages
  • Include engaging captions and questions in your post
  • Go live stream and ask Questions
  • Ask your customers to tag friends
  • Provide informational videos


Instagram reels are one of the powerful features to gain audience engagement, and it helps to generate leads for your brand. Create reels with 15-90 second videos to show how customers use your products, answer users’ FAQs, and repurpose popular Content to gain new followers. So increasing your leads using Instagram reels can be helpful for your business; go on to the next level. However, it takes time to get the best results on your profile. But once you reach your goal and drive leads for your business.

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How To Run Instagram Giveaways To Grow Your Followers

How To Run Instagram Giveaways

Instagram is one of the most famous social media channels for brands and creators. With more than 1 million monthly active users, it provides an equal opportunity for every user to grow their profile among an immense number of people. Instagram giveaway is a contest; it is one type of promotion. Brands or creators will use this Instagram marketing strategy to promote their businesses. In this contest, brands will gift a product or service to Instagram users who participate. Users can enter the contest depending on the principles declared by the giveaway planner. When it’s good to run an Instagram giveaway in reels to increase your followers and can help to grow your brand. Do you know how to run a contest on Instagram? You are in the right place. This article will show how to run an Instagram giveaway.

What is Instagram Giveaway

The giveaway is a contest that will run on social media platforms like Instagram. To enter the contest, participants should follow the instructions given by the giveaway organizers. The instruction includes following the profile of the person who is running the giveaway and dropping likes or comments for the Giveaway post. In some giveaways, organizers will also insist participants tag friends in the comments section to increase audience engagement. 

Each giveaway is different based on the prize that the organizer offers. The most prominent idea for giveaways is to offer products or services to gain audience engagement. So the Instagram giveaway is the best way to enhance engagement and drive further views and likes for your reel content. But it is most important to remember the rules and regulations before running a giveaway. Ensure you follow the terms and conditions of making a contest on Instagram. When you are good with all these things, an Instagram giveaway is an excellent opportunity to interact with new leads and promote your brands or product in front of new people. When making each contest remember to follow the rules and regulations of Instagram.

Importance Of Running Instagram Giveaways

Running Instagram giveaways has plenty of benefits for your profile and brand reach. It is one of the best marketing strategies for startups and large businesses. Here is the importance of running Instagram giveaways for business:

Boost audience engagement and profile exposure

Running a contest can make users engage with your post. All known Instagram algorithms work when a post has a higher engagement rate. Having higher Instagram reels likes can captivate more people to your profile. Your post will attract more audience, and the algorithm will automatically take your content to the explore page.

Get more new Instagram followers.

This may be a major reason many brands are contributing time to run giveaways. It helps to grow your followers 50% faster than usual posts. This way is most important for a brand to start its journey on Instagram.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is a trending tactic for brands to get new leads for their business. Doing giveaways with influencers and allowing users international entry will give tremendous benefits. Such as grabbing new audience attention because influencers have the biggest community on Instagram.

Gather User-Generated Content

Instagram is a visual platform; visuals are the most crucial on any social channel. This can play an important role when brands things to success on Instagram. Fortunately, giveaways motivate users to create images with your product. It is best to build priceless customer testimonials for your business. This can help you increase brand trust and give social proof to your target audience.

Drive website traffic

Are you planning to increase website traffic from your Instagram account? Doing a giveaway is the best way to drive website traffic.

When running an Instagram giveaway, you can encourage people and give reasons to enter your contest. Impact of this, you can expect new followers for your profile and increase engagement. Also, you can ask people if they are willing to navigate away from Instagram. Head over to your website, ask them to join a contest and allow them to win something. Therefore, you can drive traffic to your website and Instagram profile.

To run a successful giveaway, you must keep a few things in mind:

  1. Ensure that your giveaway rules are clear and easy for people to join a contest on your website.
  2. Make sure people like the prize that you are offering.
  3. Confirm whether you add a landing page link to your bio.

When people click on that URL, it needs to load faster. If your website is too slow, then people are less likely to continue on your website. You can follow these things to increase traffic for both your Instagram profile and website using Instagram giveaways.

Prize Ideas For Your Instagram Giveaway

Each giveaway starts with an impressive and enticing gift. Whatever prize you give might be relevant to your audience and that should be valuable. But there is no commitment to give expensive prizes. Here are some prize ideas for the Instagram giveaway.

Gift Voucher or Cash

This is one of the essential things that will really work to increase your brand reach. For example, one of the famous brands on Instagram ran a giveaway with a gift of a $500 voucher.

Give Product Prize

If you are a brand selling physical products, then you can provide your products for a giveaway prize. Otherwise, you can give famous beauty products like face cream and popular food products.

Other prize ideas

You can give homemade products, offer cleaning services and appliances and provide dinner. Also offer types of gifts like exciting rides, skydiving, cruises tours. Otherwise, provide exercise accessories, supplements, gym membership, and workout plan videos. Beyond these ideas, strive to find prize ideas that are relevant and compelling to your audience.

4 Tips To Use Instagram Reels To Build Giveaways

You need to include Instagram reels in your contest promotion. Reel features are very easy to access, so you don’t need to spend much time promoting giveaways. 

Create Short Video Contest

While you make a video contest, give the rules and regulations to the people. Several video contests take much time to create, edit and publish. With this short-form video contest, you are asking people to spend less time presenting in a contest.

  • Ask the audience to spend five seconds answering your question
  • Hit the answer within 15 seconds about which service or product  you need for the Christmas festival.
  • How they use your product to enhance their daily routine

If you have time to edit videos, ask your followers to send long-form videos about their activities with your products. Then edit each follower’s videos and make them a few seconds videos, uploading them as an Instagram reel.

Use Reel To Promote Your Contest Details

You can promote your Instagram giveaway with the use of reels. Access reels to showcase your prize and provide rules and regulations about your contest to enter the giveaways. The reel is one giveaway promotion strategy that can help overcome campaigns. Also, you can upload a post about your Instagram giveaways to your other social accounts. Moreover, you can add snippet videos about previous Instagram contest winners.

Make creative reels like:

  •  Quick demo about your contest prizes.
  •  Create slow motion video about how to gather your product
  •  Add a flash announcement directed to the landing page of your contest
  •  Make videos about your physical products in behind-the scenes

Announce Giveaway Winner using Instagram Reels

You can choose your contest’s winner in two ways: Manually and automatically. When choosing a winner manually, it’s a time-consuming process. You can use the Instagram giveaway picker tool to choose a contest winner. It will automatically generate a winner and save your time. Create Instagram reels to tell your followers who won the giveaway. Also, share your contest coupon in reels and add a landing page to collect gift vouchers. Ask your audience to claim the prize to go on your website. To do this, you can add a call-to-action(CTA) in your reel video.

Share UGC to Your Reel

User-generated content plays a huge role in adding social proof. You can create brand trust through your customer testimonials. Instagram reels are a great way to share UGC. 

Ways to Create a short-form video to feature social proof:

  • Introduce your customers and their favorite products with your brand ambassadors.
  • If you collaborate with influencers, you can cross-promote your influencers using Instagram reels.
  • Share clips of your giveaway winner unboxing prizes.


When running an Instagram giveaway, try focusing on your brand’s potential audience. To run a successful contest, pre-determine how to create reels to make a significant impact. Make reels engaging, high-quality content, interact with your audience, and post consistently. The Instagram giveaway can help you with various things. Such as getting more followers, engaging with your audience, helping to reach new customers, promote your new product, building brand trust, and creating social proof. Now you know how to run a successful Instagram giveaway to gain followers for your Instagram profile.

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reels Dimensions

Instagram reels dimensions

The secrets for Instagram to go viral in recent years are reels, a short-form video format that is easy to create on Instagram. But understanding the perfect Instagram Reels strategy for your business is slightly tricky. It’s good to know that access to all the features on Instagram reels can help you to produce perfect content for your audience. While producing quality content, you must consider the look of your reel video. How to produce a reel with a great look? By analyzing the specifications, ratios, and size of your video. Keep reading this article for everything you need to know about Instagram Reel dimensions, which will make your reel to overcome the campaign on Instagram.

About Instagram Reels

Reels are short-form video formats that can span up to 90 seconds. Users can easily record, edit, and add music on their Instagram reels and post it to their feeds. Instagram reels are one of the effective ways for creators and brands to expand their reach among vast audiences. Create innovative, informative, and entertaining videos to skyrocket reel likes for your Instagram post. Instagram reels have stickers, filters, effects, text, music, and visual effects to engage with your audience. It has a lot of similarities with stories, which are available 24 hours from the posting time after that, automatically deleted from your profile. However, there are some primary differences between reels and stories. That’s why the reels are standing well on this platform.

Here are the key difference between reels and stories are as follows:

Length: You can create Instagram stories videos up to 15 seconds long. Reel length can be up to 90 seconds long. This makes reels better for giving informative videos in detail.

Appearance: Instagram reels can appear on the dedicated “Reels” tab, stories, your follower’s feeds, and explore pages. On the other hand, Stories can be only seen on your follower’s profile and your profile (whether you can save stories as “Highlights” to view later on your profile).

Discoverability: You can view everyone’s reels on Instagram even if you do not follow the person’s profile (who uploads a reel video). In contrast, stories are only viewable by your existing followers.

Make Instagram Reels

Creating Instagram reels does not take much time. But if you need to make it with creativity, it takes some time and effort. You can create Instagram reels in two ways:

  1. Instagram allows you to use an in-built video recorder to film and edit your reel content.
  2. Otherwise, capture clips on your device and edit those clips using third-party editing tools(optional for you) or reel editing tools. You can upload clips using the camera roll on the Reels tab.

The advantages of recording reels on Instagram: Best aspect ratio and dimension for your reel: When recording your reels within the Instagram app, the video recorder will show how your reel exactly looks after uploading it on this platform. The benefit of the video recording feature is that you don’t need to crop and resize your reel video manually.

Use align tool for seamless transition: In Reel recorder features, use the align tool while creating multiple clips in your video. This tool gives a smooth transition from one clip to another clip or stitch clips, which helps avoid awkward shakes and jumps between two clips.

Add effects and filters in your video: you can use in-built editing tools in the reels recorder to add filters, music, stickers and visual effects. Also, you will preview the effects and filters before recording a video. This way can help you to find the best things for your video.

Here are the steps to record Reels on Instagram:

  • Launch the Instagram app and tap the plus “+” icon at the top-right corner of your screen. Select “Reel” from the available menu to record a new video.
  • You can now select the filters and effects to see the preview of your editing features. You can upload existing clips in your camera roll by clicking the gallery icon at the bottom-left corner or recording new clips.
  • Make your reels more entertaining for the audience by adding sound. Click the music icon at the left menu to set background music for your video. 
  • Choose the audio from suggested audios or search for one in the music library. You can preview your audio clip by tapping the play button. Otherwise, you can add music from your phone gallery.
  • After editing, tap the “Next” button to move forward on the publish page. Click the “Post” button to publish it on Instagram.

Instagram Reel Dimensions

When you choose videos from your phone gallery for reels, it is good to remember the Instagram reel size, aspect ratios and dimensions.

Instagram Reels Tab View

Aspect ratio: 9:16

Dimensions: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels

While watching videos on the “Reels” tab, it will play at the 1080(width)x1920(height) pixel resolution.

Instagram Reels Feed View

Aspect ratio: 4:5

Dimensions:1080 pixels x 1350 pixels

When users view the reels in the feed section, it does not play at full-screen. To give a scrolling experience, Instagram crop the video vertically.

Instagram Reels cover

Aspect ratio: 1:1(profile feed grid) and 9:16( reels feed)

Dimensions: 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels (profile feed grid), 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels (profile reels feed)

Thumbnails for your reel video grab the users’ attention when visiting your profile page. However, reel thumbnail covers are a little tricky because one is viewable in your user’s reel feed, which uses the same aspect ratio as Instagram reel size. Other versions of the thumbnail use different aspect ratios. Even Though Instagram reels use two different sizes in the cover image, it only allows you to edit one of the cover images straightly. You can discover that cover on your profile reel feed.

Here are the steps to use a custom cover for your Instagram reel:

  • Go to your profile page, head over to the reels feed and select the reel you need to edit the cover image.
  • Click the “three-dot” icon, go to the “Settings” menu and choose the “Manage” option.
  • Press “Edit” and select the “Cover” icon at the bottom of the reel preview section.
  • You can select the frame from your reel video or click the “camera roll” icon to add a custom reel cover.
  • Double-time click the “Done” option to replace your old cover with the new one.

Best Length For Instagram Reels

You can use a maximum reel video length of 90 seconds, but don’t use a maximum length every time. Select the finest reel length that is suitable to your objectives. Best reel length for generating comments: between 7-18 seconds; get shares: maximum of 18 seconds, more reel views: between 3-15 seconds; make the conversion on followers: 30-90 seconds.

Best Length For Instagram Reel Captions

Reel captions length of up to 2200 characters. That is more than enough characters to provide a text for the video, tell a story, and interact with the audience. Add captions very short and cut out the point to make users watch your reel video. Including caption for your reel can be helpful to users in knowing your video is about which content.

How Does The Instagram Reel Algorithm Work

Instagram reel algorithm can influence the following factors:

  • Audience engagement (it means comments, likes, shares, saves and watching time)
  • The proper size of the video (vertical video format performs well than horizontal videos)
  • Creativity (use trending songs, effects, filters and hashtags)

Perfect size for your Instagram reel video is one of the main factors to getting featured on the explore page. However, audience engagement is a crucial part of any social media channel. So follow the above instructions while filming and editing videos.


Instagram reel feature has enormous tools to make creative videos for your audience. However, making a reel with perfect size and dimension is crucial because appearance is important for audience engagement. To have better interactions with your audience, make videos with perfect resolutions.

The common belief is that Instagram reels are the fastest-growing feature because of its short-form nature. Use popular songs and hashtags in your video to maximize your profile reach on this platform.

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11 Ways To Build Engagement With Instagram Reels

Build Engagement With Instagram Reels

Instagram continuously launches new features and updates; reels are one of the features to create short-form videos that can last up to 90 seconds. It has become a favorite social channel for users and creators. Creating reels for your brand is a great strategy to make your Instagram profile engaging with your target audiences. According to research, 85% of users watch videos rather than images. So knowing Instagram video marketing is essential to build a strong presence on this platform. Instagram reels are the perfect feature to share entertainment videos and behind-the-scenes about you and your brand and showcase your products. Do you know how to build more engagement on your Instagram reels? This article will show you to build audience engagement in reels.

11 Ways To Build Instagram Engagement With Your Reels

Engagement rate means getting more views, likes, comments and shares for your reels post. Specifically, if you get comments for your post, then it means that users are interested in your content. It frames reliability and trust in your brand among huge audiences.

Use Built-In Tools To Create Reels

Reels has built-in editing tools to add music, filters, and visual effects that can help you make your videos with a unique look. Instagram recommends you use those reel features. Once Instagram releases a new feature on this platform, it wants users to use it. If you use that feature often, the Instagram algorithm automatically takes you to the top of the ranking. However, to enhance your brand exposure among people, try to film, edit, and add visual effects to your reels within the Instagram app.

Pull the Audience To View Your Reels

The most important tactic for any video content is to grab the audience’s attention within a few seconds of the video begin. Your video must be innovative and entertaining; it pulls users to watch it entirely. You might add flashing text or stickers on top of the video. Make creative videos to catch viewers’ attention and stop scrolling them to the next one.

Active On New Trends

Instagram reels constantly grow; creators must use this feature to keep popular trends. Whether using AR effect or sharing your latest product arrivals using reels because it can be helpful to share information with your target audience. Take popular trending reels and use remix features to connect with popular videos on this platform, and this will give credit to the original creator. The most important thing about reels is to encourage brands to create content with fun. You can participate in the latest trends that your target audience participates in. 

Otherwise, make reels with unique ideas because that may take off and become a trend. Before going with unique ideas, consider two things: what is your audience like about your brand? What will you share to strengthen your Instagram profile? Remember these things in your mind. This will definitely resonate in your audience engagement. In some cases, if your idea doesn’t perform well, don’t lose your confidence and keep creating new ideas.

Add Closed Captions

Most users on Instagram watch videos without sound. You are adding closed captions in your videos to fulfill the audience experience. Instagram offers a new feature to add automatic captions for your video. You can use this feature to transcribe from the audio to the words on the screen. These captions can also be helpful for those who have hearing-aid problems, and some people are not comfortable with sound-on situations. This way can make your content more findable and accessible to the audience.

Take Content From Other Platforms

Content creators believe that Instagram reels are launched to contest TikTok videos. Hence, if you are operating both, you are advised to use content across platforms. While you download or save your content from TikTok, your video must appear with a TikTok watermark. If you wish to upload the same content on Instagram, removing the watermark before posting as reels is good. You can use video editing apps to remove TikTok watermarks.

Diversely, you can re-record the same content to upload on Instagram reels.

Share Reels In Your Feed

Unlike stories, reels permanently stay in your Instagram profile, but stories are available for 24 hours from the posting time. Although it has an eternal nature, it is always good to share the latest reels in your story. This can help your viewers to stay up-to-date about your content. Make sure you are constantly developing your engagement rate. Share reels in your feed can help your target audience know about your present activities.

Use Famous Music

Like TikTok, Reels offers you to add audio to your content. To add music for your video, use the Instagram Audiotrack library or take sound in your phone gallery. Otherwise, you can save sound from other users’ videos and use it on your reels. Using trending music in your video can make more audience engagement. Once the audience sees trending audio or sound, they eagerly watch the same sound video repeatedly. This will make you create trending things to get higher engagement.

Use captions

Before uploading your reel video on Instagram, you recommend adding a small caption for your video. This caption is crucial because it can help hit your content towards your target audience. Add relevant hashtags in your videos relative to your niche; when users search for those keywords or hashtags, your videos will appear. This way can help to get more views for your reel video. Hashtags are a great format because users can easily find their interests with the help of it. 

Post Regularly

When compared to other video formats, reels are very easy to create. So utilize this feature’s potential to grow your brand. Instagram experts can suggest creators post 4-7 reels every week. While coming to regular posting, you can spend less time publishing your reels on Instagram. Moreover, you can use a content calendar to schedule all your reel videos. This calendar will be helpful for creators to make more reels for their Instagram profile growth. Once you upload many videos on Instagram, reels are a great way to share your future projects with your potential audience. 

Create Reels With Various Duration

You can create reel videos anywhere, starting from 15-90 seconds in length. This can help influencers to make a variety of content, like interacting with their followers or creating daily vlogs. Try to observe the engagement rate for both short-and long-form videos, and see what will work best with your target audience. Instagram reels highlight the priority and benefits of video content on social media. This feature is the most crucial option on this platform; influencers and creators can use Instagram reels to grab new opportunities and audience attention for their work.

Add Q&As Format In Your Reels

One of the great ways to keep the target audience knowing more about your brand is by using a questions answer format. Add Call-To-Action in any reels to people who leave you a question in the comments section. Ask the audience to drop ideas; this way, you can give endless content creation ideas. Take a question from any one of those comments and create your following reels with the use of it. This strategy will make users come back to your reels to view them while you are answering their questions. If you answer more questions, then you will get more questions. This will make interaction with your audience.


Reels are one of the great features to gain more engagement rate than other old features on Instagram. This latest feature can enhance profile reach and exposure among a vast audience than other content types on Instagram. Create reels to improve your social media presence and grab audience attention. The great thing about reels is that you can easily create, and it doesn’t take too much time. Now you know how to make higher engagement with your reel video. Hope, this article will guide you to boost engagement in your Instagram reels.

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Leverage Instagram Reels To Promote Your Ecommerce Store

Instagram Reels To Promote Your Ecommerce Store

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social channels in the world because it is rolling out new features on this platform. With the help of a new e-commerce feature, you can shop for a product on Instagram reels. With this latest feature, creators and businesses can tag products while creating a reel to make them fully shoppable. You can create short-form videos format on reels. 

E-commerce entrepreneurs use Instagram reels to promote their products, boost sales and get more conversions on customers. If you properly develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your eCommerce store, you will reach a wider audience and generate new leads. This article will show how to leverage Instagram reels to promote your eCommerce store.

What Are Shoppable Reels

In the last few years, Instagram has focused on the e-commerce side to increase the potential of its platform. This will be great news for all e-commerce businesses. Instagram reels allow brands to add shoppable tags in their videos with a little shopping bag icon to mark a product. Users can know the product’s details, like description and price, by clicking those shoppable tags. And also, you can tap a link on a product page to purchase the product. Instagram extends the benefits of shoppable tags to stories and IGTV. 

In 2018, Instagram launched a personalized shopping sector on the Explore page. Users can quickly discover the appearance of the shop sector in the app.

Nowadays, you can access shoppable tags in posts, stories, IGTV, Live, and Instagram Reels. With the help of Shoppable reels, audiences can easily purchase the products while watching video content. Users can click “View Products” to learn more about the products.

How To Tag Products On Instagram Reels

Instagram allows you to tag products in your reels. You can take up to 30 products per reel. This is an effective way for your viewers because they can purchase your products without leaving Instagram.

Set Up Instagram Shopping

The first step is to set up Instagram shopping for your eCommerce store that can help to add shoppable tags in your reels. To do this, you have to ensure that your brand is eligible for Instagram shopping. Then connect your Instagram profile to Facebook to track success on shopping reels.

You need to have the following things to be eligible for Instagram shopping:

  • Sell physical products
  • Your Instagram profile must be in a business account.
  • Adhere to Facebook commerce policies
  • Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page

If you are done above four points, then forward to connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue. Either you can do this by yourself or using an e-commerce platform.

Along with Instagram, you are able to sell your products on your website, in other social media platforms like Facebook, and marketing places like Amazon. Also, you will connect your e-commerce store to more than fifty payment gateways and primary shipping companies.

Here are steps to set up Instagram shopping in your profile:

  • After connecting your account with the Facebook catalogue, log into the Instagram app to set up Instagram shopping.
  • Tap the “Profile” icon to set up the profile’s settings.
  • Click “Business”, then tap “Instagram Shopping”.
  • Follow the instructions to submit your account for review.

The Instagram team will automatically review your business account and accept it for Instagram shopping. But this process will take from a few hours to a week. Once you get approval, you can get notifications from Instagram.

After that, you are able to implement product tagging in your profile with app settings. Once you have done all the above, you can begin tagging products in your Instagram Reels.

How To Post Reels With Product Tags

Once you have finished all the setups on Instagram shopping, you are ready to create your shoppable reels. Follow the below steps to post reels with product tag:

  • Head to the Instagram app on your phone and tap the plus “+” icon.
  • Select “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Do some editing processes like adding filters, stickers and effects in your video on this editing page, then click “Next”.
  • Choose the cover image and add hashtags captions.
  • Tap the “Tag products” icon and select the item you need to add a shoppable tag. 
  • Tap” share” to publish your reels.

Now users can view your product to buy when watching your reels.

Seven Tips To Promote Your Brand On Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are one of the great ways to maximize your brand awareness, engage with your target audience, get potential customers and make the conversion on sales. The finest part is that anyone can create this content with a smartphone.

Here are seven tips to make Instagram reels to develop your brand:

Explain About Your Business

All social media platforms depend on people, so create reels with a person behind your business and tell their day-to-day activities. This type of content will help to show the team of people in your brand. So users can emotionally connect with your brand. Share your achievements in your reel, tell users more about your team members, and correlate your employees in your reel.

Share Educational Content

You can use reels to show users how it benefits using your brand products. Explain what products are available and also how to use them. These short tutorials about your business can increase brand awareness among people. Share top tricks about your products, and tell some latest trends in your niche.

Let Users Know About Your Brand Promotions

As a brand, you may have special offers and seasonal sales. The main goal of an e-commerce trader is to tell your audiences about your offers and deals as much as possible. One of the great ways to spread your brand among larger audiences is by using reels. Also, remember that you don’t need to create reels much promotionally. For instance, creating promotional videos with the latest trending music will look organic over other reels, and this way is easy to sell a product.

Run Instagram Reel Ads

All marketers know that Instagram Ads are a great way to maximize sales with other ad campaigns. The Instagram reel is one of the finest ways your customers can discover your brand.

  • The benefits of using Instagram reel ads are as follows:
  • To build brand awareness among a wider audience
  • Extend your reach across the globe
  • To increase website traffic
  • Make conversions on your business

Now, there are no options for reels to ad placement on Instagram. You can only use Ads managers to make your business Ads campaign. So make sure to use video format with a 9:16 ratio and sizes 1080*1920 pixels. On the placement section, choose manual placement; from the available list, select “Reels” on Instagram. In ads, showcase your super-selling products in the market, make some ready-made look instead of the natural one, and display the products with reviews in your reels.

Repost Stories As Reels

Sometimes you don’t have time to create new reels for posting on Instagram. Regular posting is one of the primary tactics to hold your audiences in your profile. So take your old Instagram stories that are most engaging, and post them as reels.

To get your old stories:

  • Go to the Instagram app on your device and select the “Profile icon”.
  • On the profile page, select the “Hamburger” icon at the upper-right corner and choose Archive.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Stories archive. Here you will see your stories with titles and dates of publications.
  • Open the story you need to save, swipe up and click the “Download” button to save your story.

Post User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to build brand trust and stimulate people to buy your products is through customer reviews or testimonials. This can motivate your existing customers to share their impressions of your products or service.

Making Reels is an excellent format for customer reviews for many reasons. Such as, reels are always permanent on your profile, making it so much easier because they are short-form videos, which gives more audience engagement. Ask your loyal customers to record testimonials about your brand, so it can add more value to bring numerous views for your reel video. Also, ask customers to make unboxing videos of your products.


Even though reels are new features of Instagram, within a short time, they gained popularity among people, creators and businesses. Reels are an excellent chance for many businesses to build strong relationships with their potential audience. Many brands utilize this opportunity to promote their business among a vast audience, build community, showcase their products and make the conversion on sales. As of now, you know how to grow your eCommerce store using reels. Instagram provides the best opportunity for many businesses to expand their brand among a vast audience and sell products on this platform. Hope, this article shows everything about Instagram shopping for your eCommerce store.

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How Brand Leverage Instagram Reels With Influencer Marketing

How Instagram Reels Leverage Influencer Marketing

Instagram introduces a new form of marketing to brands. It promotes the top of the platform, and users behave differently from the brands. Due to the newest reel feature rolling out on Instagram has become the fastest-growing platform in the world. It is the latest way to make and find short-form videos on this platform. You can record 90 seconds of multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and filters. Brands, as well as influencers, are using this feature to go viral. Reels are primarily similar to TikTok videos, so many users repurpose TikTok content on Instagram reels. However, navigating to the new features will be slightly tricky for brands. You can do this with the help of influencer marketing. Keep reading this article to learn about creating Instagram reels with influencer marketing.

How Are Instagram Reels Different From Stories?

Both Instagram features allow you to share short-form video content in front of your audience. However, Instagram reels offer a broader range of in-built video editing tools like effects, filters, audio, stickers and speed controls than Instagram stories. Specifically, you can merge multiple videos in reels to make seamless transitions. Reels are different from stories, it allows content in video format and does not allow photos. The significant difference between Instagram reels and stories is that Instagram allows users to share stories with their followers and not on the entire platform. Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm can rank your reels on the explore page, which is visible to all Instagram users.

Why Should Instagram Reels For Business?

Instagram reels allow brands to make engaging content for their audience using AR effects and filters. Comparatively, reels are getting a higher engagement rate than other content on Instagram. Short-video format can help brands to give quick briefs about their product. 

Role Of Instagram Reels In Influencer Marketing

Reels have become a popular feature for creating fast and entertaining content. Influencers use reels to share recipes, popular dance moves, and DIY hacks within 15-second videos. With the help of reels, influencers can make, edit and share your brand videos with followers in a few minutes. Here are some of the ways to choose influencers for your brand.

Repurpose TikTok Videos

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies for every brand to promote its content on any social media platform. If you already have TikTok content about your brands, you can give it to influencers to repurpose on Instagram reels. Both reels and TikTok videos have the same vertical format, so it is easy to reuse TikTok content. Moreover, you can find the same audio on the Instagram library or discover new audio formats. This way, you can showcase your product or service to a new audience.

Create New Challenges

Like hashtags, challenges are going viral on Instagram. Leverage challenges to create a more extensive community for your brands. Influencers can implement new challenges with unique hashtags to connect with their audience. You can also participate in those challenges to promote your brand to a vast audience because each influencer has a massive fanbase and followers in their Instagram profile.

Showcase New Products 

Brands collaborate with influencers to showcase their products to their audience through reels. Using reels, you can produce short and catchy videos to keep your audience up-to-date about your brand-related information. Incorporating reels in your marketing strategy is a major benefit for your brand to get a higher conversion on customers. Influencers are using reels to showcase the brand’s new arrival and make their own hashtags to promote on this platform.

Use Popular Trends

Influencers always stay updated with upcoming trends on reels and create those ideas in their videos. Otherwise, influencers use famous TikTok trends to create reels with relevant hashtags, to reach a wider audience who unfollow their profile. Each Reel has a trend, hashtags, or challenge connected with it.

Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Brands

Reels can help to grow followers naturally on Instagram and make better reels to obtain higher engagement for your post.

Reels are Easy to Create

While creating video content, you need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. This logic is not valid with reels. Because you can create Instagram reels with less time and effort. Another benefit of reels is that the audience quickly knows about your brand without contributing a lot of time.

Share Educational Videos

Educational videos are one of the most powerful ideas for every brand marketing strategy. Many brands are sharing educational videos with their potential audience to raise engagement. For example, if you are in the travel business, then share hotel tips or if you are in the hospitality brand, share quick recipe tips. You can ask suggestions for creating reels and tips from the audience. Based on their best tips, make videos to gain the user’s contribution to your videos.

Make Creative Video

Brands can create innovative, engaging, and entertaining reel videos using multiple filters, music, and stickers that can be in-built editing tools on Instagram reels. Also, add AR effects to enhance the quality of the video. 

Brands can also partner with influencers to make reels. Influencers creating reels about your brand must be popular on this platform because they have massive followers in their accounts.

Increase Visibility Of Reel Videos

Instagram allows you to create effective and eye-catching videos that can be featured on the Explore page. The major benefits of your video getting on the Explore page can help to maximize your brand awareness among a wider audience. The New reel features offer you to increase engagement with your followers. Once you upload a video on Instagram, the algorithm automatically promotes your video to increase brand awareness. Remember that your content must be creative to get placed on the Explore page. 

Reel Content Is Long-Lasting

You can create short videos using both Instagram Reels and Stories. But reels allow you to keep your content permanent on this platform. However, Stories disappear after 24 hours from the time of posting unless you use stories as highlights. You can create many different reels and publish them whenever you need to keep them in your marketing plan.

How Does Reel Work

You can use reels to promote your brand, and to do this, follow the below steps:

  • To create a Reel in the stories camera, find the menu between normal mode and create mode or discover reels at the bottom next to the story menu.
  • Otherwise, go to the reels tab and click the camera roll to record a new reel video. Else press plus” +” icon at the top-right corner of the home screen and select reels to create a new video. 
  • Select audio by pressing the “Music” icon
  • To select the speed of the video, click the play icon.
  • Click the “Stopwatch” icon to select your clips.
  • Press and hold the record button to start and stop recording many times.
  • Once you are done recording, edit all your video clips using filters, stickers, effects and more.
  • Finally, press “Post” to publish your content on Instagram in front of a wider audience.

The Future Of Reels Is Looking Bright

The possibilities of making reels creative are limitless. The reel feature offers enormous engagement possibilities for users and collaboration with influencers. Users can watch content, again and again, share and like, once the creative content tempts them. Repurposing content is the best idea to attain audience engagement. Music in reels is a unique editing tool to make a video popular among audiences. To make your reels eye-catching and engaging, you must select the perfect audio and effects for your content.


Your content appearing on the Instagram Explore page can increase your content reach. To keep your content featured on the Explore page, make sure to create informational, relevant content on reels by partnering with influencers. Thus, you can grow your followers on Instagram using reels. Now you know the benefits of influencer marketing in creating Instagram reels for your brand marketing strategy. Hope, this article provides your comprehensive guide to creating reels. Unlike other features on Instagram, Users can discover reels in many places like the Reels tab, Stories and explore page. So creating reels can help to increase the visibility of your post. Keep exclusive reel insights to hike your brand to the next level.

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A Complete Guide To Schedule Instagram Reels Videos

Schedule Instagram Reels

Reels are one of the fastest-growing features of Instagram applications. In fact, Instagram users spend an hour per day regularly to watch reels. Comparatively, it generates more engagement than other Instagram videos. So if you need to make content for higher engagement, then it’s good to create reels. It is the best way to boost your business and can help to engaging with your audience.

Regular posting boosts your content, and the algorithm automatically takes your post to the top ranking on this platform. Even if you have content for regular posting then manually posting every day takes much time. So it is good to schedule your reels. It is the most important thing to get the views for your reels and grow your brand. Do you need to plan your reels before the posting time? You are in the right place. This article will guide how to schedule  your Instagram reels.

Benefits Of Instagram Reels Scheduling

To deliver engaging content regularly on any social media platform is impossible because you might need more time. Instagram Reels Scheduling is an excellent solution for posting content daily. This impact is that you can get audience engagement for your post. Still, if you are not satisfied with scheduling your reels, here are four significant benefits to plan your reel content earlier on Instagram.

Posting At Best Time

Post reels at the right time will have higher engagement rates. You can Check analytics in your profile; it includes your follower’s information, the perfect time for posting, etc. You will access these metrics while having a business account for your profile. You may have followers across the globe, so you can’t manually post at the best time when your audience is active. But you need to make the most engagement on reels for your business, then schedule ahead your content when your audience is most active on Instagram.

Create Consistent And Flexible Content

You can get ideas for making reels anytime, but you don’t need to publish them immediately. For instance, one hour before, you post reels and have another reel to post. It’s good to schedule your new reel for posting on the next day. Quality is more important than quantity, so it is good to post high-quality content. Consistency is more important for regular posting, and it will enhance/shoot up likes for your reel content but you also don’t need to make your content too uniform. Blending up all types of videos in your reel post can keep the audience more interested and engaging with your content.

Post Content Even When You Out Of The Office

Once you publish quality content regularly on Instagram, you will get more impressions. If you stop posting your content for a week, you will see a downfall in impressions and audience engagement. Make your Instagram work for you even if you are on vacation by scheduling Instagram reels. Most businesses say that online marketing helps to drive sales, and this will suit video marketing. Scheduling reels can help you to generate ROI for your brand. 

Plan Ahead Can Save Time

Scheduling your reels before posting can help you to save time. An Instagram content planner offers you to organize your shoot and edit videos. This way, you don’t need to rush to add something at the last second of your posting. Scheduling ahead can allow you to give more audience attention to your content. Thoughtful content will increase more engagement on your Instagram reels. Higher engagement can be measured by more followers, likes, and comments for your post.

Schedule Instagram Reels With Creator Studio

Meta has rolled out many new features, it allows any user on Instagram to schedule reels using creator studio. This is one of the best accessible options for scheduling reels in advance. Meta is the official social media platform for planning your reel content ahead of your post time. Unfortunately, you can’t use access creator studio in mobile apps; you have to need a desktop browser to use it.

Here are the steps for scheduling Instagram reels using creator studio:

1. Create an Account And Connect Your Instagram

Log into creator studio and type your Facebook account details. After That, click the Instagram icon and hook up your Instagram account with the following procedure. 

To connect your Instagram account to creator studio, you need to create a Facebook page for your profile. (don’t get confused with your personal Facebook profile).

Then, go to your Instagram app, tap on the” profile icon”, and click the “Edit profile” option. Press the “Page” option to connect your Facebook Business page to your Instagram profile.

2. Make Reels Using Instagram

  • Head to the Instagram app on your phone and tap the plus ” +” ” icon.
  • From the available menu, select “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Once you have finished filming your reel, you can edit your video by adding sounds, and visual effects, applying filters, stickers and more. 
  • After doing all editing, click the “Three-dot” icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the “Save to camera roll” option from the small pop-up window to download the video on your phone gallery.
  • You can use your downloaded video for scheduling reels on Instagram.

3. Create A Post And Arrange It With Creator Studio

Go to creator studio, and click “Create post” to select which video you need to publish on Instagram. You can post videos under 60 seconds by clicking the Instagram Feed option. Otherwise, select IG video for up to 90 seconds to post your reel video. It might be unclear because reels are not mentioned in the dropdown window. But all videos you post on Instagram will automatically come under Reels. Now, upload the reels you need to post. Here you can write a caption and add hashtags and locations for your reels. 

Finally, select the cover page for your video; creator studio offers you to pick one from the 15 AI-generated images. Or else, upload an image from your device or choose from your reel video. Navigate to the “Schedule” button at the bottom right corner of your screen; it appears as a word ” schedule” with a white down arrow in the blue rectangle box. Click on it, and select the date and time when you need to publish your reels on Instagram.


Now you know how to schedule content on Instagram reels. Scheduling your reels can help you to drive more traffic and engagement for your profile. It is also helpful to obtain new customers for your business. So don’t need to spend money on a social media management app; you can use meta creator studio for scheduling your reels. The major benefits of scheduling are to enlarge your followers and bring audience attention. Take advantage of scheduling to publish more consistent content during prime engagement time.


Is it possible to preplan Reels on Instagram?

Yes. You can preplan Instagram reels earlier using social management tools.

Whether I organize Instagram Reels Using Creator Studio?

It is easy to organize reels on creator studios. Upload your video content, add captions and press schedule to publish later. You have to choose the time and date for scheduled reels manually.

How Do I post Instagram Reels From PC

Using creator studio, you would schedule your Instagram reels from the computer.

Can Instagram Reel naturally post on my feed?

In advance, you schedule Instagram reels using creator studio, which will automatically upload on your Instagram reel profile at your selected time and date to see the audience.

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8 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas To Grow Your Brand

Instagram Reels Ideas

Instagram has been increasing its video strategy in the last few years. The app stated that all new video posts under fifteen minutes would be shared as Instagram reels in the upcoming days. Users make videos more engaging using reel editing tools. Instagram reels are most famous for making short-form videos because most users like to discover this kind of video more than long-form videos. So it is one of the best ideas to make more engaging content for the audience, and it will definitely create more followers for your profile. This will make a massive conversion in customers for your brand. Many brands tend to create Instagram reel videos to boost their audience engagement on this platform. Keep reading this article to learn about Instagram reels ideas to grow your brand.

What Are Instagram Reels

Reels is one of the Instagram features for creating videos for both iOS and Android. You can film, edit and share 90-second videos and, in exceptional cases, create even up to 15 minutes videos. Reels are different from Instagram stories but more similar to TikTok, but it has in-built editing tools for creating more engaging content. You can add music, effects, filters, stickers, adjust the speed of your video and more in your Reel. If you post reel videos as a public account, then any users on Instagram will take your video to remix or use your audio track for their reel. You can discover Instagram reels in your profile Reels tab plus explore page. However, you can also share reel videos in your feed, stories or directly to other Instagram users. It also appears on the search tab for songs or hashtags you’ve used in your Reels video.

How To Create Instagram Reels 

Here are the steps to create Reels for your brand on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and press the plus “+” icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • From that available menu, choose “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Then you will have the option to add filter, effects, audio, length, speed, touch up and timer for your video.

Audio: you can take audio from other users’ reels or Instagram music library.

Speed: Adjust the speed of your video (slow down or speed up)

Effects: Add filters, stickers, and AR effects or use any of the filters you have previously used.

Touch up: apply this feature to get a smooth skin look.

Timer: you can set a timer for the hands-free recording of your video.

  • While you record, you can see a progress bar at the top of your screen to keep your video within the time limit.
  • After filming your video, click the “Preview” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • On this page, you can see additional editing choices and options if you didn’t choose them before recording.

Audio Controls: You can adjust the camera audio and add music for your video (if you haven’t done already)

Voiceover: You will record your voice over the video’s music.

Decorations: Add stickers, GIFs, emojis, countdowns, labels, etc.

Pen: write something, make lines and arrows.

Text: overlay text in different colors on your video

Alignment: Align clips to create smooth transitions for some moments, like changing clothes for each clip or making new characters emerge in the video.

  • Once you have done editing and recording all your clips, choose the “Share” button at the lower-right corner. You will be taken to the publishing page.
  • You can add a cover, write a caption and add hashtags for your video, then click the “Post” button to publish your reels.

Instagram Reels Ideas To Grow Your Brand

Instagram offers many different ways to create content for your business. However, reels are mostly rolling out features on this platform. So create content in Instagram reels to connect with your audience. Reels can create opportunities for organic growth in your business and also share your personal side of your business.

Add Music And Auto-Captions

You can add music for each time; your reel will be exposed for that specific song. It is very similar to hashtags for getting the potential reach of your profile.

Anyhow, most users on Instagram don’t keep their sound on because of inconvenient circumstances for making the sound. At the same time, it is good to generate auto-captions for your videos to engage the audience with your post.

Post Reels In Your Feed

You can post your reels in the reels tab or in your own feed. For the best part, it is good practice to publish in your feed so that it can help your followers engage with your content. This way, you can produce more content for your audience and promote your profile. 

Recreate Old Content As Reels

One of the most valuable strategies to grow your brand is repurposing old content. Take your old post and story content with higher engagement and repurpose it as reels. This way, can help to expand the number of views for your reel video. Otherwise, if you have the best collection of photos about your brand, combine them into a video and share them as reels. Make brand awareness to the audience and earn further followers for your profile.

Publish Your TikTok Videos To Reels

Have you posted a video on TikTok? You can use the same video to post in your Instagram reels. When you post a video on reels, ensure your video length is up to 90 seconds because Instagram allows you to upload reels for 90 seconds long. Publish other platform videos as reels can boost your brand awareness across all social media channels.

You can also share your reels on Facebook to acquire new leads for your business.

Include Titles In Your Reels Cover Photos

When users head over to the reels tab, adding titles to your reels cover can make them select which reels they need to watch. Adding a title to your reels can also give your followers to know what kind of content you publish on reels. Also, this will help you to obtain new followers for your profile and to raise your business growth. There are plenty of ways to reach your target audience on Instagram reels.

Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective strategies to grow your brand on any social media platform. It is one of the biggest keys to believing in your brands for new leads. Customer reviews can always go well on social media, specifically video content like Instagram reels. They may create content such as photos, reviews, videos, and feedback. Many potential customers can create videos about your brand and why they love to do business with you. If your user-generated content may be in any form, take that feedback and customize it to videos. Share those videos to your Instagram Reels to amplify your brand reach. 

Promote Other Business

You can also promote your neighboring small business, or if you are a B2B company, then point out one of your partners in the business. Promoting other businesses can also expose your brand in front of a wider audience because your partners may have a huge potential audience in their business. This tactics will help you to enhance your business growth.

Share Encouraging Quotes

The most important thing for your instagram profile is to connect with your followers. So if you find inspirational quotes based on your brand, share them in your reels and grab the audience’s attention. Either you can record those quotes on your camera or add closed captions with an excellent background. You can use any editing app to mix subtitles and video captions. Apps will save you a lot of time and produce a handwritten statement of what you are saying.


Creating Instagram Reels for your brand can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. It will help you to grow your target audience, raise brand awareness, receive more engagement and even make the conversion on selling products. Take advantage of reels to enhance your followers on this platform. Use in-built editing tools to make attractive and engaging content for your potential audience. Repurposing old videos is a great idea to gain more content reach. Either you can repost your old videos or take other social channels videos that have higher engagement but remember that choosing videos must be relevant to your business. Hope, this article will guide Instagram reels ideas to grow your brand.

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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram is the best way to share photos and videos with its mobile application. It introduces a new method for sharing videos online on social media sites. It provides the best way to find many friends, have a fantastic time, feel relaxed in your daily routine, and even earn money. If you are using, Instagram is one of your business marketing strategies. Then it is good to know all the features and posting types on Instagram. There are many ways you can share videos on Instagram. But choosing the perfect one for your brand can help improve your business to the next level. Reels are getting 70% more engagement than other video types on Instagram. So knowing all about Instagram reels is a perfect strategy for your business. This article will show everything you need to know about Instagram reels.

What Are Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are short-form videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. The advantage of using reels is that are permanent on your Instagram profile until you delete them. You can see top-performing reels on Instagram via the reels tab at the bottom of the Instagram home screen. Also, your followers can see and engage with your previous post by navigating to the separate reels tab on your Instagram profile. Audiences can view your reel post via a dedicated tab even if they don’t follow your account. Which is the best way for new Instagram users to find your brand. The Instagram reel has built-in editing tools to add text, stickers, filters, music and visual effects to your video.

Instagram Reels VS TikTok

All commonly believed that Instagram reels are direct competition for TikTok videos. Moreover, both are similar, but there is also a difference. Both Instagram reels and TikTok allow users to create and share innovative short-vertical form videos. 

Some differences between Instagram Reels and TikTok:

  • The significant difference is that reels are one of the features on the Instagram platform, whereas TikTok is a platform.
  • In addition, reels’ video length can be up to 90 seconds. In contrast, TikTok has a time limit of up to 3 minutes.

Create Instagram Reels

The Instagram reel is a simple process to make. Also, you can edit the video with in-built tools. Here are the steps to make Instagram reels:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the plus” +” icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select the “Reels” option from the available menus to film a video. To shoot a video, press and hold the “Record” button to record each clip.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the “Reels” tab on the Instagram homepage. And click the “Camera roll” icon to upload a video clip from your phone gallery.
  • Once you record all clips, you can see your video’s ” Preview ” by clicking the “Back arrow” button. Here you can trim your reel video.
  • Then press the “Forward-arrow” button to add stickers, emojis, text, filters and visual effects. Like the Instagram story, you can add polls to your reel video.
  • After that, click the “Next” button to add a caption and cover photo. Press “Post” to publish your video.

About Music On Reels

You can select a song from your Instagram music library or add your custom sound to your reel. If you have a public Instagram account, you share a reel with custom audio and your username associated with that audio. So if someone uses your audio in their reel, your username will be displayed on their video. It will be credited to your Instagram profile. However, if you have an Instagram private account on Instagram, the audience can’t use your original audio while they record a reel.

Set Speed, Effects And Timer

You can speed up or slow down your video relevant to your audio. It means you can adjust the speed of your video. Like Instagram stories, you can use various effects, like AR effects, transition effects, etc., on Instagram reels. Set a hands-free timer to record a clip, and to do this, select the duration. Once you select it, you can see a 3-2-1 countdown and start recording; it will stop at the time you selected.

Share Instagram Reels

Once you create a reel, click the “Share” option to publish it on Instagram. At this time, you can see some options when clicking a share button. So you will be able to select whether to share the video on your story, your feeds, or in the explore tab.

Explore Tab

After you share your reels on explore page, it will be visible on explore page and separate reels tab on your profile, where users can view all the reels you have uploaded on Instagram. Note that if you share your reel on the explore section, you cannot access user-interacting stickers like polls and Q&As in your reels.

Instagram Feed & Story

Once you share the video on your feed, it will show on your Instagram home feed. Also, appear on your profile grid, but you can have the option to delete it from there. If you want to view your video on the stories feature, then share it with stories. Check whether you have a public account to share a reel on your story, close friends. Your reel shared on l Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours.

Watch Instagram Reels

You like to discover entertaining short-form videos created by influencers or creators. The below steps are helpful to find it:

  • Go to your Instagram account and tap the “Search” icon.
  • At the top of the list, Select “Reels” video. 
  • You can see endless reels by scrolling down the screen. 

In addition, you can see your followers’ reels in your Instagram home feed section. Moreover, you will be able to discover reels in many ways, like hashtags, audio, or keywords. Sometimes, you can see more attractive audio and think about using it. To do this, select the “Use Audio” option to make your own reels with the same audio.

Instagram Reel Dimensions

Dimensions are the most crucial factor in making your reel look good. The recommended aspect ratio for your reels is 9:16, and the uploading size is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. When users see your reels in the feed section, it does not play on the whole screen. So dimensions will vary while watching reels on feed. The aspect ratio is 4:5, and the resolution is 1080 x 1350 pixels. The reel is a vertical video format so try to use Instagram reel size while uploading video on your phone gallery. The size is set by default when recording a reel within the Instagram app.

The Best Time To Post Reels On Instagram

When you have an audience with a different time zone, it is not possible to post reels at a specific time. So the audience can engage more with your content when they have leisure time and that time they will be online. Research shows that the best time to post on Instagram is morning, lunch hours, evening and bedtime. Use Instagram analytics to find the best time to post when your followers are most active on Instagram. To access reel analytics, you must have an Instagram business account. Discovering the right time can help to increase your business leads and audience engagement.

Download Instagram Reels

You can download your Instagram reels from your account into your device in simple ways, but there is no in-built feature to download your Instagram reels. However, you are not able to download other users’ videos. But, use some third-party app to download someone else’s video. Reels are under copyright policy, so before using others’ videos, you need to get permission from the original creator. Otherwise, use the screen recorder feature on your phone to save reels.

Here are steps to download your own reel after uploading it on Instagram:

  • Navigate to the Instagram app on your phone and tap the “Profile” icon.
  • On the profile page, select the “Reel” layout at the top of the list. It will appear next to IGTV.
  • From the list of reels, select the reel you need to download and open it.
  • Click the “Three-dot” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Select “Save to Camera Roll” from the pop-up menu.
  • Now, your reel video will be directly downloaded to your device.

Reel Insights

Analytics can help you track your reel performance and know how your target audience interacts with your content. Reel insight is the process of tracking, collecting, and analyzing your reel performance. This tool can help you check how you expand your reach using reels.

You can know your reel performance in two ways:

  • With your individual reels
  • Instagram analytics tab

Access Individual Reel Insights

Do you like to see the specific reel performance? Follow the steps below:

Head over to the reels tab in your Instagram profile

  • Select the reel that you need to see insights.
  • Click the “Three-dot” icon at the lower-right of your screen and choose “Insights” from the pop-up menu.

After that, you will see the following information about your reels:

  1. Plays
  4. Saves
  5. Accounts Reached

Access Instagram Reel insights 

You can see overall reel performance with the help of the Instagram analytics tab.

To view that, go to your profile, click the “Hamburger” icon from the available list, and select “Insights”. 

You can see the following engagement factors in your reel insights:

  2. Saves
  4. Reach
  6. Plays
  7. Reel Interaction


Instagram reel features make the platform a more attractive position for businesses and creators. Even though reels are familiar with TikTok, it is slightly more focused by creators because it takes significantly less time to make. You can create short-vertical videos using reels, and Instagram users are more addicted to this video type. If you plan Instagram reels as one of your business marketing strategies, go ahead. You can easily accomplish your business goals with the help of reels. Hope, this article will give the ultimate guide about Instagram reels. You can make the best reels for your business using the above things.