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A Complete Guide To Schedule Instagram Reels Videos

Schedule Instagram Reels

Reels are one of the fastest-growing features of Instagram applications. In fact, Instagram users spend an hour per day regularly to watch reels. Comparatively, it generates more engagement than other Instagram videos. So if you need to make content for higher engagement, then it’s good to create reels. It is the best way to boost your business and can help to engaging with your audience.

Regular posting boosts your content, and the algorithm automatically takes your post to the top ranking on this platform. Even if you have content for regular posting then manually posting every day takes much time. So it is good to schedule your reels. It is the most important thing to get the views for your reels and grow your brand. Do you need to plan your reels before the posting time? You are in the right place. This article will guide how to schedule  your Instagram reels.

Benefits Of Instagram Reels Scheduling

To deliver engaging content regularly on any social media platform is impossible because you might need more time. Instagram Reels Scheduling is an excellent solution for posting content daily. This impact is that you can get audience engagement for your post. Still, if you are not satisfied with scheduling your reels, here are four significant benefits to plan your reel content earlier on Instagram.

Posting At Best Time

Post reels at the right time will have higher engagement rates. You can Check analytics in your profile; it includes your follower’s information, the perfect time for posting, etc. You will access these metrics while having a business account for your profile. You may have followers across the globe, so you can’t manually post at the best time when your audience is active. But you need to make the most engagement on reels for your business, then schedule ahead your content when your audience is most active on Instagram.

Create Consistent And Flexible Content

You can get ideas for making reels anytime, but you don’t need to publish them immediately. For instance, one hour before, you post reels and have another reel to post. It’s good to schedule your new reel for posting on the next day. Quality is more important than quantity, so it is good to post high-quality content. Consistency is more important for regular posting, and it will enhance/shoot up likes for your reel content but you also don’t need to make your content too uniform. Blending up all types of videos in your reel post can keep the audience more interested and engaging with your content.

Post Content Even When You Out Of The Office

Once you publish quality content regularly on Instagram, you will get more impressions. If you stop posting your content for a week, you will see a downfall in impressions and audience engagement. Make your Instagram work for you even if you are on vacation by scheduling Instagram reels. Most businesses say that online marketing helps to drive sales, and this will suit video marketing. Scheduling reels can help you to generate ROI for your brand. 

Plan Ahead Can Save Time

Scheduling your reels before posting can help you to save time. An Instagram content planner offers you to organize your shoot and edit videos. This way, you don’t need to rush to add something at the last second of your posting. Scheduling ahead can allow you to give more audience attention to your content. Thoughtful content will increase more engagement on your Instagram reels. Higher engagement can be measured by more followers, likes, and comments for your post.

Schedule Instagram Reels With Creator Studio

Meta has rolled out many new features, it allows any user on Instagram to schedule reels using creator studio. This is one of the best accessible options for scheduling reels in advance. Meta is the official social media platform for planning your reel content ahead of your post time. Unfortunately, you can’t use access creator studio in mobile apps; you have to need a desktop browser to use it.

Here are the steps for scheduling Instagram reels using creator studio:

1. Create an Account And Connect Your Instagram

Log into creator studio and type your Facebook account details. After That, click the Instagram icon and hook up your Instagram account with the following procedure. 

To connect your Instagram account to creator studio, you need to create a Facebook page for your profile. (don’t get confused with your personal Facebook profile).

Then, go to your Instagram app, tap on the” profile icon”, and click the “Edit profile” option. Press the “Page” option to connect your Facebook Business page to your Instagram profile.

2. Make Reels Using Instagram

  • Head to the Instagram app on your phone and tap the plus ” +” ” icon.
  • From the available menu, select “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Once you have finished filming your reel, you can edit your video by adding sounds, and visual effects, applying filters, stickers and more. 
  • After doing all editing, click the “Three-dot” icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the “Save to camera roll” option from the small pop-up window to download the video on your phone gallery.
  • You can use your downloaded video for scheduling reels on Instagram.

3. Create A Post And Arrange It With Creator Studio

Go to creator studio, and click “Create post” to select which video you need to publish on Instagram. You can post videos under 60 seconds by clicking the Instagram Feed option. Otherwise, select IG video for up to 90 seconds to post your reel video. It might be unclear because reels are not mentioned in the dropdown window. But all videos you post on Instagram will automatically come under Reels. Now, upload the reels you need to post. Here you can write a caption and add hashtags and locations for your reels. 

Finally, select the cover page for your video; creator studio offers you to pick one from the 15 AI-generated images. Or else, upload an image from your device or choose from your reel video. Navigate to the “Schedule” button at the bottom right corner of your screen; it appears as a word ” schedule” with a white down arrow in the blue rectangle box. Click on it, and select the date and time when you need to publish your reels on Instagram.


Now you know how to schedule content on Instagram reels. Scheduling your reels can help you to drive more traffic and engagement for your profile. It is also helpful to obtain new customers for your business. So don’t need to spend money on a social media management app; you can use meta creator studio for scheduling your reels. The major benefits of scheduling are to enlarge your followers and bring audience attention. Take advantage of scheduling to publish more consistent content during prime engagement time.


Is it possible to preplan Reels on Instagram?

Yes. You can preplan Instagram reels earlier using social management tools.

Whether I organize Instagram Reels Using Creator Studio?

It is easy to organize reels on creator studios. Upload your video content, add captions and press schedule to publish later. You have to choose the time and date for scheduled reels manually.

How Do I post Instagram Reels From PC

Using creator studio, you would schedule your Instagram reels from the computer.

Can Instagram Reel naturally post on my feed?

In advance, you schedule Instagram reels using creator studio, which will automatically upload on your Instagram reel profile at your selected time and date to see the audience.

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