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How Brand Leverage Instagram Reels With Influencer Marketing

How Instagram Reels Leverage Influencer Marketing

Instagram introduces a new form of marketing to brands. It promotes the top of the platform, and users behave differently from the brands. Due to the newest reel feature rolling out on Instagram has become the fastest-growing platform in the world. It is the latest way to make and find short-form videos on this platform. You can record 90 seconds of multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and filters. Brands, as well as influencers, are using this feature to go viral. Reels are primarily similar to TikTok videos, so many users repurpose TikTok content on Instagram reels. However, navigating to the new features will be slightly tricky for brands. You can do this with the help of influencer marketing. Keep reading this article to learn about creating Instagram reels with influencer marketing.

How Are Instagram Reels Different From Stories?

Both Instagram features allow you to share short-form video content in front of your audience. However, Instagram reels offer a broader range of in-built video editing tools like effects, filters, audio, stickers and speed controls than Instagram stories. Specifically, you can merge multiple videos in reels to make seamless transitions. Reels are different from stories, it allows content in video format and does not allow photos. The significant difference between Instagram reels and stories is that Instagram allows users to share stories with their followers and not on the entire platform. Furthermore, the Instagram algorithm can rank your reels on the explore page, which is visible to all Instagram users.

Why Should Instagram Reels For Business?

Instagram reels allow brands to make engaging content for their audience using AR effects and filters. Comparatively, reels are getting a higher engagement rate than other content on Instagram. Short-video format can help brands to give quick briefs about their product. 

Role Of Instagram Reels In Influencer Marketing

Reels have become a popular feature for creating fast and entertaining content. Influencers use reels to share recipes, popular dance moves, and DIY hacks within 15-second videos. With the help of reels, influencers can make, edit and share your brand videos with followers in a few minutes. Here are some of the ways to choose influencers for your brand.

Repurpose TikTok Videos

Influencer marketing is one of the best strategies for every brand to promote its content on any social media platform. If you already have TikTok content about your brands, you can give it to influencers to repurpose on Instagram reels. Both reels and TikTok videos have the same vertical format, so it is easy to reuse TikTok content. Moreover, you can find the same audio on the Instagram library or discover new audio formats. This way, you can showcase your product or service to a new audience.

Create New Challenges

Like hashtags, challenges are going viral on Instagram. Leverage challenges to create a more extensive community for your brands. Influencers can implement new challenges with unique hashtags to connect with their audience. You can also participate in those challenges to promote your brand to a vast audience because each influencer has a massive fanbase and followers in their Instagram profile.

Showcase New Products 

Brands collaborate with influencers to showcase their products to their audience through reels. Using reels, you can produce short and catchy videos to keep your audience up-to-date about your brand-related information. Incorporating reels in your marketing strategy is a major benefit for your brand to get a higher conversion on customers. Influencers are using reels to showcase the brand’s new arrival and make their own hashtags to promote on this platform.

Use Popular Trends

Influencers always stay updated with upcoming trends on reels and create those ideas in their videos. Otherwise, influencers use famous TikTok trends to create reels with relevant hashtags, to reach a wider audience who unfollow their profile. Each Reel has a trend, hashtags, or challenge connected with it.

Benefits Of Instagram Reels For Brands

Reels can help to grow followers naturally on Instagram and make better reels to obtain higher engagement for your post.

Reels are Easy to Create

While creating video content, you need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. This logic is not valid with reels. Because you can create Instagram reels with less time and effort. Another benefit of reels is that the audience quickly knows about your brand without contributing a lot of time.

Share Educational Videos

Educational videos are one of the most powerful ideas for every brand marketing strategy. Many brands are sharing educational videos with their potential audience to raise engagement. For example, if you are in the travel business, then share hotel tips or if you are in the hospitality brand, share quick recipe tips. You can ask suggestions for creating reels and tips from the audience. Based on their best tips, make videos to gain the user’s contribution to your videos.

Make Creative Video

Brands can create innovative, engaging, and entertaining reel videos using multiple filters, music, and stickers that can be in-built editing tools on Instagram reels. Also, add AR effects to enhance the quality of the video. 

Brands can also partner with influencers to make reels. Influencers creating reels about your brand must be popular on this platform because they have massive followers in their accounts.

Increase Visibility Of Reel Videos

Instagram allows you to create effective and eye-catching videos that can be featured on the Explore page. The major benefits of your video getting on the Explore page can help to maximize your brand awareness among a wider audience. The New reel features offer you to increase engagement with your followers. Once you upload a video on Instagram, the algorithm automatically promotes your video to increase brand awareness. Remember that your content must be creative to get placed on the Explore page. 

Reel Content Is Long-Lasting

You can create short videos using both Instagram Reels and Stories. But reels allow you to keep your content permanent on this platform. However, Stories disappear after 24 hours from the time of posting unless you use stories as highlights. You can create many different reels and publish them whenever you need to keep them in your marketing plan.

How Does Reel Work

You can use reels to promote your brand, and to do this, follow the below steps:

  • To create a Reel in the stories camera, find the menu between normal mode and create mode or discover reels at the bottom next to the story menu.
  • Otherwise, go to the reels tab and click the camera roll to record a new reel video. Else press plus” +” icon at the top-right corner of the home screen and select reels to create a new video. 
  • Select audio by pressing the “Music” icon
  • To select the speed of the video, click the play icon.
  • Click the “Stopwatch” icon to select your clips.
  • Press and hold the record button to start and stop recording many times.
  • Once you are done recording, edit all your video clips using filters, stickers, effects and more.
  • Finally, press “Post” to publish your content on Instagram in front of a wider audience.

The Future Of Reels Is Looking Bright

The possibilities of making reels creative are limitless. The reel feature offers enormous engagement possibilities for users and collaboration with influencers. Users can watch content, again and again, share and like, once the creative content tempts them. Repurposing content is the best idea to attain audience engagement. Music in reels is a unique editing tool to make a video popular among audiences. To make your reels eye-catching and engaging, you must select the perfect audio and effects for your content.


Your content appearing on the Instagram Explore page can increase your content reach. To keep your content featured on the Explore page, make sure to create informational, relevant content on reels by partnering with influencers. Thus, you can grow your followers on Instagram using reels. Now you know the benefits of influencer marketing in creating Instagram reels for your brand marketing strategy. Hope, this article provides your comprehensive guide to creating reels. Unlike other features on Instagram, Users can discover reels in many places like the Reels tab, Stories and explore page. So creating reels can help to increase the visibility of your post. Keep exclusive reel insights to hike your brand to the next level.

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