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Leverage Instagram Reels To Promote Your Ecommerce Store

Instagram Reels To Promote Your Ecommerce Store

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social channels in the world because it is rolling out new features on this platform. With the help of a new e-commerce feature, you can shop for a product on Instagram reels. With this latest feature, creators and businesses can tag products while creating a reel to make them fully shoppable. You can create short-form videos format on reels

E-commerce entrepreneurs use Instagram reels to promote their products, boost sales and get more conversions on customers. If you properly develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your eCommerce store, you will reach a wider audience and generate new leads. This article will show how to leverage Instagram reels to promote your eCommerce store.

What Are Shoppable Reels

In the last few years, Instagram has focused on the e-commerce side to increase the potential of its platform. This will be great news for all e-commerce businesses. Instagram reels allow brands to add shoppable tags in their videos with a little shopping bag icon to mark a product. Users can know the product’s details, like description and price, by clicking those shoppable tags. And also, you can tap a link on a product page to purchase the product. Instagram extends the benefits of shoppable tags to stories and IGTV. 

In 2018, Instagram launched a personalized shopping sector on the Explore page. Users can quickly discover the appearance of the shop sector in the app.

Nowadays, you can access shoppable tags in posts, stories, IGTV, Live, and Instagram Reels. With the help of Shoppable reels, audiences can easily purchase the products while watching video content. Users can click “View Products” to learn more about the products.

How To Tag Products On Instagram Reels

Instagram allows you to tag products in your reels. You can take up to 30 products per reel. This is an effective way for your viewers because they can purchase your products without leaving Instagram.

Set Up Instagram Shopping

The first step is to set up Instagram shopping for your eCommerce store that can help to add shoppable tags in your reels. To do this, you have to ensure that your brand is eligible for Instagram shopping. Then connect your Instagram profile to Facebook to track success on shopping reels.

You need to have the following things to be eligible for Instagram shopping:

  • Sell physical products
  • Your Instagram profile must be in a business account.
  • Adhere to Facebook commerce policies
  • Link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page

If you are done above four points, then forward to connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue. Either you can do this by yourself or using an e-commerce platform.

Along with Instagram, you are able to sell your products on your website, in other social media platforms like Facebook, and marketing places like Amazon. Also, you will connect your e-commerce store to more than fifty payment gateways and primary shipping companies.

Here are steps to set up Instagram shopping in your profile:

  • After connecting your account with the Facebook catalogue, log into the Instagram app to set up Instagram shopping.
  • Tap the “Profile” icon to set up the profile’s settings.
  • Click “Business”, then tap “Instagram Shopping”.
  • Follow the instructions to submit your account for review.

The Instagram team will automatically review your business account and accept it for Instagram shopping. But this process will take from a few hours to a week. Once you get approval, you can get notifications from Instagram.

After that, you are able to implement product tagging in your profile with app settings. Once you have done all the above, you can begin tagging products in your Instagram Reels.

How To Post Reels With Product Tags

Once you have finished all the setups on Instagram shopping, you are ready to create your shoppable reels. Follow the below steps to post reels with product tag:

  • Head to the Instagram app on your phone and tap the plus “+” icon.
  • Select “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Do some editing processes like adding filters, stickers and effects in your video on this editing page, then click “Next”.
  • Choose the cover image and add hashtags captions.
  • Tap the “Tag products” icon and select the item you need to add a shoppable tag. 
  • Tap” share” to publish your reels.

Now users can view your product to buy when watching your reels.

Seven Tips To Promote Your Brand On Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are one of the great ways to maximize your brand awareness, engage with your target audience, get potential customers and make the conversion on sales. The finest part is that anyone can create this content with a smartphone.

Here are seven tips to make Instagram reels to develop your brand:

Explain About Your Business

All social media platforms depend on people, so create reels with a person behind your business and tell their day-to-day activities. This type of content will help to show the team of people in your brand. So users can emotionally connect with your brand. Share your achievements in your reel, tell users more about your team members, and correlate your employees in your reel.

Share Educational Content

You can use reels to show users how it benefits using your brand products. Explain what products are available and also how to use them. These short tutorials about your business can increase brand awareness among people. Share top tricks about your products, and tell some latest trends in your niche.

Let Users Know About Your Brand Promotions

As a brand, you may have special offers and seasonal sales. The main goal of an e-commerce trader is to tell your audiences about your offers and deals as much as possible. One of the great ways to spread your brand among larger audiences is by using reels. Also, remember that you don’t need to create reels much promotionally. For instance, creating promotional videos with the latest trending music will look organic over other reels, and this way is easy to sell a product.

Run Instagram Reel Ads

All marketers know that Instagram Ads are a great way to maximize sales with other ad campaigns. The Instagram reel is one of the finest ways your customers can discover your brand.

  • The benefits of using Instagram reel ads are as follows:
  • To build brand awareness among a wider audience
  • Extend your reach across the globe
  • To increase website traffic
  • Make conversions on your business

Now, there are no options for reels to ad placement on Instagram. You can only use Ads managers to make your business Ads campaign. So make sure to use video format with a 9:16 ratio and sizes 1080*1920 pixels. On the placement section, choose manual placement; from the available list, select “Reels” on Instagram. In ads, showcase your super-selling products in the market, make some ready-made look instead of the natural one, and display the products with reviews in your reels.

Repost Stories As Reels

Sometimes you don’t have time to create new reels for posting on Instagram. Regular posting is one of the primary tactics to hold your audiences in your profile. So take your old Instagram stories that are most engaging, and post them as reels.

To get your old stories:

  • Go to the Instagram app on your device and select the “Profile icon”.
  • On the profile page, select the “Hamburger” icon at the upper-right corner and choose Archive.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Stories archive. Here you will see your stories with titles and dates of publications.
  • Open the story you need to save, swipe up and click the “Download” button to save your story.

Post User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to build brand trust and stimulate people to buy your products is through customer reviews or testimonials. This can motivate your existing customers to share their impressions of your products or service.

Making Reels is an excellent format for customer reviews for many reasons. Such as, reels are always permanent on your profile, making it so much easier because they are short-form videos, which gives more audience engagement. Ask your loyal customers to record testimonials about your brand, so it can add more value to bring numerous views for your reel video. Also, ask customers to make unboxing videos of your products.


Even though reels are new features of Instagram, within a short time, they gained popularity among people, creators and businesses. Reels are an excellent chance for many businesses to build strong relationships with their potential audience. Many brands utilize this opportunity to promote their business among a vast audience, build community, showcase their products and make the conversion on sales. As of now, you know how to grow your eCommerce store using reels. Instagram provides the best opportunity for many businesses to expand their brand among a vast audience and sell products on this platform. Hope, this article shows everything about Instagram shopping for your eCommerce store.

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