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8 Evergreen Instagram Reels Ideas To Grow Your Brand

Instagram Reels Ideas

Instagram has been increasing its video strategy in the last few years. The app stated that all new video posts under fifteen minutes would be shared as Instagram reels in the upcoming days. Users make videos more engaging using reel editing tools. Instagram reels are most famous for making short-form videos because most users like to discover this kind of video more than long-form videos. So it is one of the best ideas to make more engaging content for the audience, and it will definitely create more followers for your profile. This will make a massive conversion in customers for your brand. Many brands tend to create Instagram reel videos to boost their audience engagement on this platform. Keep reading this article to learn about Instagram reels ideas to grow your brand.

What Are Instagram Reels

Reels is one of the Instagram features for creating videos for both iOS and Android. You can film, edit and share 90-second videos and, in exceptional cases, create even up to 15 minutes videos. Reels are different from Instagram stories but more similar to TikTok, but it has in-built editing tools for creating more engaging content. You can add music, effects, filters, stickers, adjust the speed of your video and more in your Reel. If you post reel videos as a public account, then any users on Instagram will take your video to remix or use your audio track for their reel. You can discover Instagram reels in your profile Reels tab plus explore page. However, you can also share reel videos in your feed, stories or directly to other Instagram users. It also appears on the search tab for songs or hashtags you’ve used in your Reels video.

How To Create Instagram Reels 

Here are the steps to create Reels for your brand on Instagram:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and press the plus “+” icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • From that available menu, choose “Reels” to record a new video.
  • Then you will have the option to add filter, effects, audio, length, speed, touch up and timer for your video.

Audio: you can take audio from other users’ reels or Instagram music library.

Speed: Adjust the speed of your video (slow down or speed up)

Effects: Add filters, stickers, and AR effects or use any of the filters you have previously used.

Touch up: apply this feature to get a smooth skin look.

Timer: you can set a timer for the hands-free recording of your video.

  • While you record, you can see a progress bar at the top of your screen to keep your video within the time limit.
  • After filming your video, click the “Preview” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • On this page, you can see additional editing choices and options if you didn’t choose them before recording.

Audio Controls: You can adjust the camera audio and add music for your video (if you haven’t done already)

Voiceover: You will record your voice over the video’s music.

Decorations: Add stickers, GIFs, emojis, countdowns, labels, etc.

Pen: write something, make lines and arrows.

Text: overlay text in different colors on your video

Alignment: Align clips to create smooth transitions for some moments, like changing clothes for each clip or making new characters emerge in the video.

  • Once you have done editing and recording all your clips, choose the “Share” button at the lower-right corner. You will be taken to the publishing page.
  • You can add a cover, write a caption and add hashtags for your video, then click the “Post” button to publish your reels.

Instagram Reels Ideas To Grow Your Brand

Instagram offers many different ways to create content for your business. However, reels are mostly rolling out features on this platform. So create content in Instagram reels to connect with your audience. Reels can create opportunities for organic growth in your business and also share your personal side of your business.

Add Music And Auto-Captions

You can add music for each time; your reel will be exposed for that specific song. It is very similar to hashtags for getting the potential reach of your profile.

Anyhow, most users on Instagram don’t keep their sound on because of inconvenient circumstances for making the sound. At the same time, it is good to generate auto-captions for your videos to engage the audience with your post.

Post Reels In Your Feed

You can post your reels in the reels tab or in your own feed. For the best part, it is good practice to publish in your feed so that it can help your followers engage with your content. This way, you can produce more content for your audience and promote your profile. 

Recreate Old Content As Reels

One of the most valuable strategies to grow your brand is repurposing old content. Take your old post and story content with higher engagement and repurpose it as reels. This way, can help to expand the number of views for your reel video. Otherwise, if you have the best collection of photos about your brand, combine them into a video and share them as reels. Make brand awareness to the audience and earn further followers for your profile.

Publish Your TikTok Videos To Reels

Have you posted a video on TikTok? You can use the same video to post in your Instagram reels. When you post a video on reels, ensure your video length is up to 90 seconds because Instagram allows you to upload reels for 90 seconds long. Publish other platform videos as reels can boost your brand awareness across all social media channels.

You can also share your reels on Facebook to acquire new leads for your business.

Include Titles In Your Reels Cover Photos

When users head over to the reels tab, adding titles to your reels cover can make them select which reels they need to watch. Adding a title to your reels can also give your followers to know what kind of content you publish on reels. Also, this will help you to obtain new followers for your profile and to raise your business growth. There are plenty of ways to reach your target audience on Instagram reels.

Share Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective strategies to grow your brand on any social media platform. It is one of the biggest keys to believing in your brands for new leads. Customer reviews can always go well on social media, specifically video content like Instagram reels. They may create content such as photos, reviews, videos, and feedback. Many potential customers can create videos about your brand and why they love to do business with you. If your user-generated content may be in any form, take that feedback and customize it to videos. Share those videos to your Instagram Reels to amplify your brand reach. 

Promote Other Business

You can also promote your neighboring small business, or if you are a B2B company, then point out one of your partners in the business. Promoting other businesses can also expose your brand in front of a wider audience because your partners may have a huge potential audience in their business. This tactics will help you to enhance your business growth.

Share Encouraging Quotes

The most important thing for your instagram profile is to connect with your followers. So if you find inspirational quotes based on your brand, share them in your reels and grab the audience’s attention. Either you can record those quotes on your camera or add closed captions with an excellent background. You can use any editing app to mix subtitles and video captions. Apps will save you a lot of time and produce a handwritten statement of what you are saying.


Creating Instagram Reels for your brand can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. It will help you to grow your target audience, raise brand awareness, receive more engagement and even make the conversion on selling products. Take advantage of reels to enhance your followers on this platform. Use in-built editing tools to make attractive and engaging content for your potential audience. Repurposing old videos is a great idea to gain more content reach. Either you can repost your old videos or take other social channels videos that have higher engagement but remember that choosing videos must be relevant to your business. Hope, this article will guide Instagram reels ideas to grow your brand.

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