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How To Run Instagram Giveaways To Grow Your Followers

How To Run Instagram Giveaways

Instagram is one of the most famous social media channels for brands and creators. With more than 1 million monthly active users, it provides an equal opportunity for every user to grow their profile among an immense number of people. Instagram giveaway is a contest; it is one type of promotion. Brands or creators will use this Instagram marketing strategy to promote their businesses. In this contest, brands will gift a product or service to Instagram users who participate. Users can enter the contest depending on the principles declared by the giveaway planner. When it’s good to run an Instagram giveaway in reels to increase your followers and can help to grow your brand. Do you know how to run a contest on Instagram? You are in the right place. This article will show how to run an Instagram giveaway.

What is Instagram Giveaway

The giveaway is a contest that will run on social media platforms like Instagram. To enter the contest, participants should follow the instructions given by the giveaway organizers. The instruction includes following the profile of the person who is running the giveaway and dropping likes or comments for the Giveaway post. In some giveaways, organizers will also insist participants tag friends in the comments section to increase audience engagement. 

Each giveaway is different based on the prize that the organizer offers. The most prominent idea for giveaways is to offer products or services to gain audience engagement. So the Instagram giveaway is the best way to enhance engagement and drive further views and likes for your reel content. But it is most important to remember the rules and regulations before running a giveaway. Ensure you follow the terms and conditions of making a contest on Instagram. When you are good with all these things, an Instagram giveaway is an excellent opportunity to interact with new leads and promote your brands or product in front of new people. When making each contest remember to follow the rules and regulations of Instagram.

Importance Of Running Instagram Giveaways

Running Instagram giveaways has plenty of benefits for your profile and brand reach. It is one of the best marketing strategies for startups and large businesses. Here is the importance of running Instagram giveaways for business:

Boost audience engagement and profile exposure

Running a contest can make users engage with your post. All known Instagram algorithms work when a post has a higher engagement rate. Having higher Instagram reels likes can captivate more people to your profile. Your post will attract more audience, and the algorithm will automatically take your content to the explore page.

Get more new Instagram followers.

This may be a major reason many brands are contributing time to run giveaways. It helps to grow your followers 50% faster than usual posts. This way is most important for a brand to start its journey on Instagram.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is a trending tactic for brands to get new leads for their business. Doing giveaways with influencers and allowing users international entry will give tremendous benefits. Such as grabbing new audience attention because influencers have the biggest community on Instagram.

Gather User-Generated Content

Instagram is a visual platform; visuals are the most crucial on any social channel. This can play an important role when brands things to success on Instagram. Fortunately, giveaways motivate users to create images with your product. It is best to build priceless customer testimonials for your business. This can help you increase brand trust and give social proof to your target audience.

Drive website traffic

Are you planning to increase website traffic from your Instagram account? Doing a giveaway is the best way to drive website traffic.

When running an Instagram giveaway, you can encourage people and give reasons to enter your contest. Impact of this, you can expect new followers for your profile and increase engagement. Also, you can ask people if they are willing to navigate away from Instagram. Head over to your website, ask them to join a contest and allow them to win something. Therefore, you can drive traffic to your website and Instagram profile.

To run a successful giveaway, you must keep a few things in mind:

  1. Ensure that your giveaway rules are clear and easy for people to join a contest on your website.
  2. Make sure people like the prize that you are offering.
  3. Confirm whether you add a landing page link to your bio.

When people click on that URL, it needs to load faster. If your website is too slow, then people are less likely to continue on your website. You can follow these things to increase traffic for both your Instagram profile and website using Instagram giveaways.

Prize Ideas For Your Instagram Giveaway

Each giveaway starts with an impressive and enticing gift. Whatever prize you give might be relevant to your audience and that should be valuable. But there is no commitment to give expensive prizes. Here are some prize ideas for the Instagram giveaway.

Gift Voucher or Cash

This is one of the essential things that will really work to increase your brand reach. For example, one of the famous brands on Instagram ran a giveaway with a gift of a $500 voucher.

Give Product Prize

If you are a brand selling physical products, then you can provide your products for a giveaway prize. Otherwise, you can give famous beauty products like face cream and popular food products.

Other prize ideas

You can give homemade products, offer cleaning services and appliances and provide dinner. Also offer types of gifts like exciting rides, skydiving, cruises tours. Otherwise, provide exercise accessories, supplements, gym membership, and workout plan videos. Beyond these ideas, strive to find prize ideas that are relevant and compelling to your audience.

4 Tips To Use Instagram Reels To Build Giveaways

You need to include Instagram reels in your contest promotion. Reel features are very easy to access, so you don’t need to spend much time promoting giveaways. 

Create Short Video Contest

While you make a video contest, give the rules and regulations to the people. Several video contests take much time to create, edit and publish. With this short-form video contest, you are asking people to spend less time presenting in a contest.

  • Ask the audience to spend five seconds answering your question
  • Hit the answer within 15 seconds about which service or product  you need for the Christmas festival.
  • How they use your product to enhance their daily routine

If you have time to edit videos, ask your followers to send long-form videos about their activities with your products. Then edit each follower’s videos and make them a few seconds videos, uploading them as an Instagram reel.

Use Reel To Promote Your Contest Details

You can promote your Instagram giveaway with the use of reels. Access reels to showcase your prize and provide rules and regulations about your contest to enter the giveaways. The reel is one giveaway promotion strategy that can help overcome campaigns. Also, you can upload a post about your Instagram giveaways to your other social accounts. Moreover, you can add snippet videos about previous Instagram contest winners.

Make creative reels like:

  •  Quick demo about your contest prizes.
  •  Create slow motion video about how to gather your product
  •  Add a flash announcement directed to the landing page of your contest
  •  Make videos about your physical products in behind-the scenes

Announce Giveaway Winner using Instagram Reels

You can choose your contest’s winner in two ways: Manually and automatically. When choosing a winner manually, it’s a time-consuming process. You can use the Instagram giveaway picker tool to choose a contest winner. It will automatically generate a winner and save your time. Create Instagram reels to tell your followers who won the giveaway. Also, share your contest coupon in reels and add a landing page to collect gift vouchers. Ask your audience to claim the prize to go on your website. To do this, you can add a call-to-action(CTA) in your reel video.

Share UGC to Your Reel

User-generated content plays a huge role in adding social proof. You can create brand trust through your customer testimonials. Instagram reels are a great way to share UGC. 

Ways to Create a short-form video to feature social proof:

  • Introduce your customers and their favorite products with your brand ambassadors.
  • If you collaborate with influencers, you can cross-promote your influencers using Instagram reels.
  • Share clips of your giveaway winner unboxing prizes.


When running an Instagram giveaway, try focusing on your brand’s potential audience. To run a successful contest, pre-determine how to create reels to make a significant impact. Make reels engaging, high-quality content, interact with your audience, and post consistently. The Instagram giveaway can help you with various things. Such as getting more followers, engaging with your audience, helping to reach new customers, promote your new product, building brand trust, and creating social proof. Now you know how to run a successful Instagram giveaway to gain followers for your Instagram profile.

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